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Unfortunately, given that one of those idiots is me... I doubt there's any escape for the foreseeable. I should probably update about what I've been doing with my time off (answer: not much) but instead you'll have to make do with this rant...

Part the First

On Friday (23rd April), I ordered a new phone from Virgin Mobile, having decided to go contract. I currently top up with a fiver as and when I can afford it, which I use up too quickly and thus am therefore always out of credit. Also, Virgin had a special offer on the new Samsung Monte (touchscreen goodness!), available on their £10 contract until 26th April. They used to do an £8.50/month contract but that seems to have disappeared now. Anyway, the Monte offer tied you into a 24-month contract, but hopefully it won't break in that time. Despite the fact that the majority of mobiles these days are built for aesthetic rather than long life, I'm hoping it will last those two years without falling to bits.

So. I get the automated return email saying "We've received your order" and confirming what I'd ordered. All hunky dory. The default devliery date was Saturday, but I was supposed to be meeting Paul that day and in any event had to go out shopping for some stuff to make my grandmother a birthday present, so I changed it to Monday.

So I spent the entire of Monday not leaving the house, waiting for my phone to turn up. It did not. Paul rang them up on my behalf, though I ended up speaking to them anyway, and they couldn't find the order number which was on the automatic email. Paul then rang them up AGAIN and managed to talk to someone who seemed to know a bit more what they were talking about, and apparently the order "did not exist", yet there was a "credit check pending". Um, WHAT? There's a check pending on a non-existent order? Right.

He asked to speak to the finance department and the woman on the phone said she couldn't speak to them, Paul couldn't speak to them, she had no way of contacting them. Okay then. She said she'd send an email on my behalf and they would email back within 24 hours.

Needless to say, no email was recieved from said finance department, so whilst I was out at choir on Tuesday Paul rang them up AGAIN to shout at them. This time it turned out that the order was still non-existent, but apparently the credit check had cleared and if I really wanted, I could order two phones. But the order was still gone so I'd have to start again. On going to the website it transpired their 'expired' special offer had not expired in the slightest, so I still managed to order the same phone on the same contract. Because it was so late in the day the default delivery day was Thursday (i.e. today), which was unsuitable for a reason which will shortly be described, so now I have to sit in all day on Friday instead. Hopefully, the courier will be true to form and deliver it horribly early, so I don't lose my entire day to waiting around...

TL;DR: Virgin Mobile suck.

Part the Second

Okay. You know that Senior WPO role I decided not to go for?

I went for it.

On Tuesday morning (i.e. whilst I was still at work, so... 13th April), I was in the kitchen and David (head of service) was in there too, and we were talking about the support restructure, etc. End point, he reckoned I should go for it, and he has a very persuasive manner about him, so I thought "frell it" and decided to do it. I didn't get chance on that Tuesday to do the application / expression of interest whilst at work, so had to do it when I got back from choir that evening, and sent it off first thing Wednesday morning, the closing date. Marie (my line manager) was not in so I copied in Sue Corlett, her equivalent at KEH.

I then went on leave on 16th April. Marie had advised already that interviews would probably be on 27th April (i.e. Tuesday just gone), and I'd already told her at that point that I was on leave. I also turned on my out-of-office message, and Gaynor has my home email address. There wasn't much more I could have done.

I kept intending to ring in and find out if the interviews were happening / if I'd got one / whatever, but my holiday brain was fully inserted and I kept forgetting, plus by Monday I was feeling a bit pissed off that nobody had contacted me about it and that apparently "being psychic" was part of the job description now too. Tuesday afternoon, I get a phonecall from Marie, who has obviously realised I'm absent. Yes, of course - an email had been sent to me (at work) advising of my interview time. Which obviously I did not get becuase I was not at work. Bloody useless.

Anyway, I now have an interview today at 1.30. Which is why I can't sit around waiting for a phone.

TL;DR: work are stupid sometimes.

Part the Third

I have nearly run out of pills. Well, I have one left, which is basically akin to having actually run out. I somehow didn't realise I was running out and thus forgot to make an appointment with my GP to repeat the prescription (hence why I am an idiot). I changed GPs back in March and therefore need to see my new doctor to get the new prescription.

The next appointment the surgery had available, when I rang on Tuesday, was for next Friday. Which is a bit far away. Instead, I could ring up at 8.30am to see what appointments they have available for that day. Okay, I thought I'd try that. So I got up at 8.15 this morning after a horrible night's sleep (I have been sleeping badly lately, don't know why - presumably all the idiot!stress I'm having to cope with) and sat around until 8.30, at which point I rang the surgery. Engaged tone. I tried again pretty much every 1-2 minutes thereafter - still engaged.

I should have just gotten dressed and walked down there in person.

I gave up by 8.45. Even if I did get through at that stage, in all likelihood the receptionists would be arsey about it not being bang on 8.30 and I was too tired for the bloody hassle. I'll go down there later and just book the next available appointment. Obviously Monday is a bank holiday, I can't do Tuesday because I have training then choir (unless they have a slot bang in between the two, around 5.15 or something, though that's incredibly risky if the GP is late), and they close early on Wednesdays. I suppose it'll be interesting to see how my body/brain reacts to being without pills for a week, though I should probably warn in advance that the fall-out may not be very attractive...

TL;DR: GP surgery fail.

Anyway. I shall re-read my application thingy, find a smart-looking shirt that still bloody well fits, and hopefully by venting all of this stress it will go away.
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