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Random Dream Remembrance, &c

I haven't actually remembered a full dream in a while (I started to write up the last one I remembered, but as I had no internet access at work it didn't get finished / posted) and for the most part lately my dreams have been fragmented, rather than the epic narratives I'm used to. I also still haven't gotten around to re-typing the dream I lost to work's power cut, though I have the written draft knocking about somewhere at home and can remember it still quite vividly...

Anyway, I can remember snippets of the various dreams I had last night / this morning between alarms, so here they are...

The first part only popped back into my head as I got to work so I can't recall it that well, except that it involved Katie (doec) ringing me up for the very first time. I think I was meant to be doing something else and was at 'home' (though it didn't resemble the flat or any place I've ever lived) but was so excited about talking to Katie for the first time that I dropped everything and settled in for a conversation.

I think we were discussing an impending visit because I can remember talking about food and how I would inflict fish and chips on her, amongst other things...

The next two sections almost linked up but only in terms of one specific dream location. There seemed to be a couple getting married. This was one of those dreams where my perspective kept switching between observer and participant, so at one point I was getting married, then I was watching other people, though it was meant to be the same couple each time. Then the couple, or possibly a different couple (it was a bit of a fuzzy transition, actually) were going on holiday.

At that point the young married couple had changed to an older couple, and their holiday location was somewhere I can't remember except that it was a Greek island or similar, i.e. somewhere hot with beaches. They seemed to think it was in eastern Europe (Switzerland or Poland or somewhere) and there was a bit where I was meant to be going with them and was looking for something in a suitcase, whereupon I discovered they'd packed lots of warm jumpers and things. I had to explain that they wouldn't need that stuff because the place was actually a hot location. The woman didn't seem very impressed by that because she'd wanted to go to the colder place she'd initially mistaken it for...

Next there was a sequence on a beach where I'd just come out of the water and was going to lie back down on a towel / deckchair. The woman was there again looking really unimpressed with the hot weather, and complaining that it wasn't as good as where she'd wanted to go. I can remember the beach was quite deserted, and it must have been getting close to dusk because the sky was a rich blue colour (not dark, but not bright either) and the beach was empty and peaceful. I was astounded that she couldn't see the view as amazing because it was so beautiful and idyllic and untouched...

Then there was a bit where I was wandering around what looked like an electronics shop with the same woman and looking at iPhones... The shop was a bit like a warehouse and was vast, with high ceilings and strip lights, and the walls and carpet were grey...

My alarm went off at this point, and then it changed. The electronics shop then transformed into a library and the scene changed to an Austen-esque costume drama. There was a girl (mid-20s, I'd say) in the library looking at music scores - there were some children giggling and looking through the scores as well, but they went away fairly quickly. The girl then found herself at the end of a corridor or aisle, where I think the bookshelves were empty. A man started to approach her. He was wearing a long coat and had scruffy, unkempt blonde hair (dark blonde, not Spike blonde :P) and had really bright blue eyes. That description does actually sound like Spike, but it wasn't, I can assure you. It did transpire, however, that he was actually a vampire. He was leaning in to bite her and she was scared absolutely stiff, and then this other man came up from behind and killed the vampire.

And then, I woke up.

No idea what any of it means, but the images were vivid enough to write down, so that's better than nothing. I've been having scrappy little dreams like this for about two months, off and on. Hopefully I can get back to non-linear, illogical and impossible-to-describe sagas soon. :)

In other news...

We had a concert on Saturday, for the MacMillan / Fauré. Seven Last Words from the Cross turned out to be a lot better than I think we were anticipating; the ending especially is really eerie. After that, however, the Requiem was a bit of a come down, though the fear was that if we'd done things the other way around (i.e. Fauré first and MacMillan after the interval), people would come for the Fauré and then bugger off. :P

We are now rehearsing for the vast amount of things to do for next season. On Tuesday we made a start on Parry's Best Pair of Nylons Blest Pair of Sirens, which is full of TRUMPETS and HORNS and is PATRIOTIC. *salutes* We also had a go at Bernstein's Chicester Pslams, which we are singing in Hebrew. I'm sure commoncomitatus* will be amused to hear that. :P So far it's actually not as bloody difficult as the Italian was back when we did Aida, though I'm going to approach it in the same way of just Learning The Words instead of trying to read it...

We are also doing Fauré's Cantique de Jean Racine, Verdi's Requiem and also Durufle's Requiem (which I know I did with Derby Choral Union, but damned if I can remember a single note of it. I even went to find it on Spotify and it didn't ring any bells...) I'm not sure if we're doing all of those in the same concert, but it's a lot of work to get in nonetheless.

A few busy weekends coming up: going to Alex's this Saturday at some point, then next Saturday is Birmingham Pride parade followed by a wedding reception. And then it will be barbecue season, I imagine...

Anyway, that's enough of an update for now. I already tweeted and Facebook'd about Paul getting the job he applied for, so for the moment we're just waiting until his first paycheque (which won't be until 28th June, I think) and for all the formalities to be cleared, and then hopefully things will start getting better. FINALLY.

Seriously, 2010. You took your bloody time.

On a final note - it's absolutely gorgeous weather today. But no hotter, mmmkay?

*And if you're still wanting to come to a concert, Eni, I can't think of a better one than this... unless you've had enough Hebrew to last a lifetime already, in which case you can smack me upside the head...
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