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"Time for an Update," said Zebedee.

Not that I have anything particularly substantial to update about, per se - I'm just feeling less half-dead than I have been for the past few weeks so should probably keep my LJ alive if nothing else.

Actually, I've not had any coffee since last Tuesday (I won't say I've not had caffeine because I've had Pepsi) thanks to my right kidney twinging ominously at me that morning and terrifying me into drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. Thus far my kidneys have consistently ached a bit, but haven't moved on to incapacitating agony, so I don't know if I just caught it in time or whether it's something else. In any case, I'm making a GP appointment on my way home tonight just in case...

So I attribute the general not-feeling-half-deadness to not being full of caffeine dregs. The first three days without coffee were pretty horrendous, actually, but I feel much better today.

This weekend has been quite eventful. Paul didn't go to work on Saturday (a pleasant change) so we went out to get ingredients for dinner. I started off the morning feeling like death warmed up - headache, hungry-but-queasy, hot flushes. Not fun. We went for breakfast (or early lunch in my case as it was approaching midday) at Deli-licious (local sandwich / deli bar), where I had a smoothie, which cured me instantaneously. Very much appreciated.

We went to Asda and got ingredients, then went to Wilkinson in search of a juicer - just one of the little hand-held old-fashioned ones. Apparently they're like gold dust, as Poundstretcher didn't have one either. I did get some small wine glasses (88p for four!), though, so it wasn't a complete loss.

I then spent the afternoon making dessert and doing some prep work on the main course. We had Alex and Dina over for dinner, and served them a three-course meal that Come Dine With Me would be proud of!



Parsley Soup with optional toast


Main Course

Salmon in fruity sauce with salad and new potatoes.



Chocolate pot with red berry smoothie.

Paul made the soup, I did the prep on the main (a marinade of lemon and lime juice and zest, honey, mustard and olive oil - I'm going to try this on chicken next time) and Paul cooked it, and I made the dessert in advance and then smoothies (in the wine glasses purchased earlier).

It was all delicious. :) Bonus points for presentation, though obviously we didn't take any photos to prove that. :P

After that we played Trivial Pursuit (I won by default on the "next cheese wins" rule because our version is from 1987 and we don't know half the bloody answers, so it was taking HOURS) and Alex and Dina made tracks home.

On Sunday we headed out to see Jen and Dave and their new baby, Acacia, who is about a week old. Acacia was very quiet and asleep for the majority of the time and we all had a cuddle. She's adorable. (Incidentally, first baby I've actually held, even though she was on a cushion...)

In the evening I cooked a spaghetti bolognese and we had Lisa up for tea, watched Anger Management (very, very strange film) and that was about it...

In other news, Trevor-the-landlord has finally given in and replaced the roof, so currently we have no tiles. The horrendous rain on Sunday morning at least proved that the roofers left it waterproof, though after said rain woke me up I was then paranoid the ceiling was going to cave in and it took me a while to drop off again...

And I think that's about it. I've been too skint to do anything else, but hopefully things will start looking up soon. If Paul ever gets a start date for his job, anyway...
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