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You may have noticed I am not football's biggest fan. I've watched the first two England matches under duress (I happened to be in the same room when they were on) and today several people at work set up a television in one of the meeting rooms in order to watch the 3.00pm match this afternoon. I understand the score was favourable, thus scuppering my hopes of us LOSING HORRIBLY.

Does that make me unpatriotic? No it bloody doesn't. I frelling hate football. Hate it. There are better ways to show your Englishness than shouting in a lairy fashion at some idiots kicking a ball around.

That being said, this letter in The Metro amused me this morning.

Because honestly, if we can't beat the USA at a game they can't even refer to properly, we are a lost cause. This is a country that takes games we play at school and makes them EASIER (American Football = Rugby with wussy armour; Baseball = Rounders with helpful catchy glove; Basketball = Netball where you can run with the ball. Miss Jackson would eat you alive for that. :P)

I shall now flee before my potentially very unpopular opinion loses me half of my f-list. Buhbye.
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