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Back to the Madhouse

So, I've just returned from a week-and-a-bit of leave to find that the work is behind, to the tune of there being dictation in Winscribe (the digital dictation database/list/thing) from last Tuesday, 6th July. Noor has been off sick (and still is), Slowpoke is AFAIK still doing admin due to her RSI, so that leaves four WPO's to do the work.

I could expostulate on this endlessly, but you know what? I really can't be bothered any more. Since room / floor move, morale has been incredibly low all through the various teams. I was hoping I would come back to find it had improved, but apparently not.

Anywho, here's what I did during my time off.

I spent the first day, Thursday (1st July), feeling crap. First-day-of-leave migraine, hurrah. Thankfully I felt better the next day, and went to Aldi with Lisa to get some bits and pieces. Probably would have got less, but since we were driving I went a bit mad.

On Saturday we went to Laura and Mike's wedding reception at Hagley Hall (by bus!), which was incredbly posh indeed. The canapes were absolutely amazing. We managed to get a taxi back to Birmingham with five randomers (sort of), who got out by Eddie's to carry on drinking, whilst we continued to Kings Heath and only ended up spending £15 on the journey. :)

We had a barbecue on the Sunday even though the weather threatened rain. It had been gorgeous all morning and then clouded over, but we just decided to risk it. Paul ended up having a nap in the afternoon (presumably because I made him get up early on Sunday despite his drunkeness the night before) and Lisa and I sat in the garden drinking wine. We ended the evening with ice cream and Pirates of the Caribbean.

On Monday I went to Ikea with my mum as she needed some stuff and so did I. We now have a new bathroom set (soap dish, etc), some lovely placemats, some new boxes to put the books in for the attic (the old ones fell apart when we brought them downstairs during roof-replacement), a funky apple slicer, and a flour sifter, plus probably some other random stuff I don't remember.

Tuesday: up early, then ended up having a nap from 11.00am to 1.00pm, followed by another migraine. Fail.

Wednesday - went out to Wilkinson / Asda, not much else. Thursday to Sunday - finally finished Christmas decorations and went on to attempt to attach the felt to the back, only to fail horribly and almost ruin them in the process (watered down the glue too much and caused all the bloody red to run). But on the plus side, I have two more 'scans' of my other embroidery to post, having got back into the flow of it now the Christmas decorations are done. If I manage to rectify them I'll post photos... Also on Sunday the three of us went up to Earlswood for a wander, had some food in the Reservoir pub and then more booze in the local Wetherspoons when we got home. And, thank anything, last night it was a lot cooler than it has been all week.

This morning, despite not even feeling that drunk last night, I appear to be hungover. Actually, I felt more drunk at 5.00am than I did at 10.00pm. WTF?

Nothing else to report. Two more weeks to hold out until Paul gets his first proper paycheque and things stop being so frugal around here, and not before time. :P
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