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commoncomitatus is forcing me to do one of those 30-day memes (and obviously picked the hardest subject possible, i.e. music) so I will start that when I've written down some possibilities and whittled them down. :P

In the meantime, here's an update of last week. I already updated about Tuesday night (dinner at Piccollino). On Wednesday I went out again for Anna's leaving drinks, dragging Paul along with me. We went to the Lord Clifden in the Jewellery Quarter, which was really nice. There wasn't much of a turn out; Anna herself arrived shortly after we did with Sharn in tow, and then one of Employment Team and a random other person stayed for a couple of drinks, leaving just the four of us. Paul and I were going to stay for one more drink and then head off (neither of us having eaten), but then BRMB were there doing their staff pub quiz and we ended up joining in. We lost horribly, but then there was another short quiz of those word/picture riddles (e.g: "na fish na fish" is "tunafish" - 2 na fish...), which we won (apparently my brain is wired up in such a way as to decipher them) and got ourselves a round of free drinks.

All four of us left in two taxis shortly before 10.00pm. Paul and I had a metric crapton of fried chicken for tea and then went to bed.

Alas the sociability did not end there. On Thursday we went out with Mara and the Mountfords to test out a venue for Mara's hen night, so had a meal at Chun Ying. We had the set dinner for five and there was bloody loads of food, though it was all delicious. I always forget how much I like crispy duck pancakes. OM NOM.

I was going to go straight to bed after we got back from that meal (at 8.45!) but since I'd barely been home there was washing to do, so I put a load in, waited for the washing machine to finish, hung it to dry and then went to bed at around 10.30 instead.

Annoyingly, despite getting a full eight hours that night, I spent Friday feeling exhausted. It's hardly surprising, though. I have no idea where I got the energy from last week; normally one night out is enough to wipe me out, let alone three!

Paul had some holiday pay from Extra to splurge, so we went to Cafe Rouge on Saturday night for dinner, which was nice. I was still knackered, though, and frankly this weekend was too short to recover from the week. I am still knackered this morning. I am also on a soup / yogurt diet to make up for the excessive over-eating last week, and I've been too scared to weigh myself.

In other news, the Arsey situation continues. Yes, over a month later. On Wednesday when we went upstairs for Anna's leaving presentation, I was one of the first there with Natasha, and was hovering briefly to see if there was any movement near Anna (it transpired we were waiting for another five minutes). I quickly departed the room again when I saw Arsey glaring at me from his seat. How DARE I leave my desk! The horror!

A few minutes ago I clocked back in from lunch and went to use the lift to go up to the third floor (where the ladies' toilets are), and alas had to share the lift with Arsey. He spoke not a word to me, and got out of there as quickly as possible when it reached the floor.

I'm not entirely sure how to approach this situation for the best. In the midst of post-pub rantiness (it was a theme of the night) on Wednesday, I was ready to leave it another few weeks and then go straight to his Head of Service to get her to sort it out, but it would really be better to try and resolve things myself first - as in, approach him and proffer an (undeserved) apology. Which is going to be quite difficult if he's either glaring at me accusingly for daring to enter his domain, or merely pretending I don't exist. I'm not even in the wrong here, unless being sarcastic and stressed-the-fuck-out is a crime these days...

Whatever. He's only a locum, with any luck he'll bugger off soon and I won't have to deal with him. For the most part I've been avoiding doing any of his typing by going to find other things to do, but I don't think I can get away with that for very long. My only reason for doing so is the worry that he'll find fault in any typing I do, just for the sake of being contrary, and it's not worth the hassle.

Bah. At least I'm not on the same floor.

That's about it, really. We are currently levelling out at 48-hour turnaround on work, which is better than seven days as it was a couple of weeks ago. Despite doing three long days last week, leaving early on Monday and two long lunches effectively killed off any flex I might have gained (I only got 0.10 of an hour), so I need to make the effort this week. It does seem that no matter how hard I work to get through the typing, it just keeps on coming. I hope when Noor finally comes back from sick leave we'll be able to cope a bit better; KEH typists were helping out but were more trouble than they were worth, and couldn't access the matters on IKEN anyway, so I think they've given up now.

Anyway, I should really tackle said typing, I suppose.

Edit at 18.20: The afternoon did not exactly improve. I had intended on leaving work at 4.30, and picked up a longish piece of dictation at just before 4.00 to kill some time. It was 25 minutes in length and shouldn’t have taken as long as it did, except the fee earner in question has to spell everything every single time (not being content to spell, for example, the child’s name the first time and expecting us to be intelligent enough to remember it two seconds later…), which uses up precious minutes, and also being overly verbose. I disapprove of the phrase: “… has the ability to be able to…”. Calling the Department of Redundancy Department!

Anyway, I finished that at about 4.45 (I think) and was just filling out the receipt for it to take it upstairs, when Senior 1 tells me she’s put something in as urgent and it needs to go out that afternoon. Right. Okay. So I do that, and am in the process of printing it off when Senior 2 comes up to me and says he’s put an urgent in that also needs to go this afternoon and could I please do it. Having already been thwarted in my first attempt to go home early, I reacted possibly less politely than I should have done, but did it anyway.

You know what? This is getting a bit tedious now. I’m rather sick of being the only person around after 3.30pm to do any urgents that come in. Also I seem to have done nothing except urgents today, and there’s a lot of it because we’re still behind and people are panicking.


It’s all flex. I just have to keep telling myself that. And I have a week off in September. I will doubtless return to similar levels of chaos as last time, but that seems to be par for the course.

On the plus side, I did manage to find a halfway decent cardigan in Primark with very little hassle, for once. It’s one of those buttonless ones with the dangly tails at the front. I have several tops which are longer than my standard cardigans / hoodies so it will come in very useful…
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