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And, whilst I'm catching up...

Here are three (!) new embroidery scans. Two of these should have been posted last month but I've been too tired to think straight; cheers, work.

Actually, here is the 15th as well just for comparison. Seeing as it's been so long. :P

Okay, the next stage after the pale green (the sort of ferny-type stuff around the bottom) I went back to another shade of brown. You can see the paving stones and bricks starting to take a bit more shape now...

Next I started on some of the grass and other foliage, in a dark blue-green:

And today I finished another shade of the dark blue-green and more grass, etc.

And that's it. Next I will go to brown AGAIN to fill in some of the gaps in the bricks and path...

Sorry about some of the blurriness. It's quite difficult to get the two photographs the exact same size and my m4dd photoshop skillz are not up to scratch. ;)
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