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Strange Weekend...

Well, that was an interesting one.

On Friday night I was sociable. Kemi was having joint birthday drinks with two others (can't remember who now) so for the first couple of hours after work I joined that group at the Colmore Bar and Grill. At around 6.00pm Gaynor and I wandered down to the Irish Centre to partake in the big BCC pub quiz.

Our team also included John-The-Cleaner, Peter from Adults (as per emails already quoted - we managed to convince him), his wife, Rebecca (who is an alto in my choir), and his mate, Pat (I think).

The Irish Centre has been done up since we were last there and looks much more friendly now. There are carpets, for one, the bar has been refurbished and the interior generally looks less like a woe-begotten church hall. :)

Pat, it turned out, was our secret weapon, hoarding a vast plethora of random knowledge. Gaynor and I were first to arrive and filled out some of the 'blockbuster' round which was given out at the start, including some of those dingbat / say-what-you-see type puzzles, name-the-Carry-On-actor (and also film, though the quizmeister decided not to mark us on those in the end), name-the-balti, name-the-football-team, and name-the-song-from-the-lyrics. As to the balti round, that just goes to prove that Birmingham, in general, eats too much curry, when we can identify them by description alone. :D To my great pleasure, one of the name-the-songs was The Killers' "Human", though I then got paranoid I'd got it wrong and was incredibly pleased when I'd got it right. :)

Peter was taking things very seriously indeed. QUIZZIS R SRS BIZNIS, apparently. Still, it paid off. At half time we were, surprisingly, joint third. Paul's team apparently was second-to-bottom. :P

By the time we'd finished we somehow managed to come first!! Which is a great improvement on coming 17th last time. :D We won a 24-pack of Grolsch lager and a small trophy. This win was actually entirely down to Paul; his team had abandoned him so he came to sit with us towards the end and gave us two more correct answers - we won by one point, so all credit is to him for our win. :) I shall take a photograph of the trophy later.

We got home around midnight (shared a taxi with Gaynor as she lives in Acocks Green), and since all I'd had for tea was three pints of cider and three bags of salt-and-vinegar crisps, we stopped off at Chicken Hut so I could have something vaguely more substantial to eat.

This is when the oddness of Saturday begins...Firstly, I accidentally set the wrong two alarms on my phone. On weekdays I have 7.00 and 7.30am, and at weekends/holidays I have 9.00 and 9.30am. I set the earlier ones by accident. I attribute this to being knackered and slightly tipsy.

So my alarms went off and, being exhausted, I went back to sleep, which I would normally do anyway. The alarms are just to sort of vaguely situate me into the morning in most cases. We both woke up a couple of hours later and Paul got up to book our London stuff for October, and I checked the time and was very confused because it was only 9.45am. At which point I checked my phone and realised I'd set the wrong alarms...

Paul finished doing online stuff and I went back to bed for a bit because I was still tired. He then went out to get bread and eggs, at which point I started feeling a bit sick. I assumed this was because I was hungry and stayed still until it passed. I think by this point it was around 11.00am (we spent a lot of time browsing for a B&B to stay in that looked half-decent). When he got back he rang the bell, not because he'd forgotten his keys but because he had to bring in the recycling boxes. I was half-asleep at this point so not best pleased, and by the time I'd got back upstairs a migraine had well and truly kicked in, which subsequently explained the nausea.

I took some Migraleve and attempted to eat the toast and jam Paul had made, but only managed a couple of mouthfuls and had to lie down again. I had another sleep for a couple of hours (on and off) which finally shifted the headache. I finished my toast (which by that point tasted really nice even though it was cold and soggy, beacuse I was starving), then had ANOTHER nap for ANOTHER two hours, finally getting up just after 4.00pm.

I then deposited myself in the front room instead and watched EastEnders, followed by us starting on season 2 of Dead Like Me that evening. (I also watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which was quite entertaining...) I think it must have been a bug or something. Lisa seemed to think so because she'd had something similar recently. On Sunday, as we were heading out to Asda, she did ask if I had a fever and I was quite hot, though that might just have been because of the humidity that day.

So yeah, weird. Sunday we went to Asda to do a big food shop because we'd run out of stuff (£105 spend, though most of that was booze. :P) and got completely soaked on the walk home because the heavens opened. As a result of carting home said shopping - a trolley, big canvas bag and a carrier bag - my back was not happy yesterday... We invited Lisa up for a Sunday dinner of roast beef with several vegetables, and did very little else all day.

I probably shouldn't be that surprised by Saturday, given the week I'd had at work. My three late evenings did gain me just under 2.5 hours of flex, at least, even despite leaving early on Thursday and going in at 10.00am on Friday. So that's something.

I was also shattered last night as well. Not quite so bad today, though I attribute that to taking cocodamol before bed and using a wheat bag, the combination of which meant a pretty good night's sleep...

That's about it. Must update music meme at some point. I am playing good wifey again tomorrow for another games night for Paul and his mates; curry is on the menu this time so I need to check my new 1000-recipe book for something that doesn't involve too much grinding of stuff... I think I shall steal the DVD-player and put it in the bedroom and finally make a start on watching Damages, as I've had the DVDs off my mum for ages and not gotten around to them yet... I'm sure commoncomitatus will be watching this space for a review. :P

Oh, on a final note, I'll be in London from 21st to 23rd October (Thursday to Saturday), as we're going to see Ghost Stories on the Thursday and spend the next day and a half wandering about. I know jackiesjottings wanted to meet up in Camden, in which case, it'll be on the 23rd in the morning when we're likely to be there. commoncomitatus is also welcome to meet us on the Friday at any point if she wants. :)

Over and out!
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