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Meme and Embroidery Catch-Up.

Because it's been a while, and I'm bloody well determined to finish this blasted "30 days" meme, even though it's now tripled in length...

Might as well kill two birds today. I swapped my keyboard back to the one that came with the PC because the old one was I think part of the Beeping of Doom problem... Anyway.

Day 22 - A Song That You Listen To When Sad

This is another song which took a few listens before it stopped making me cry buckets:-

Katie Melua - Just Like Heaven - from "Piece by Piece"

This is a cover of a song by The Cure (I'm now listening to the original just to see how the two differ!), but nevertheless this is one of my favourite songs from Katie's second album. At the time, it really reminded me of Farscape season 3 and the John/Aeryn angst, which may have had something to do with it. Anyway, of course, I'm now immune to it, but yeah. It's still a sad, slow song.

Day 23 - A Song That You Listen To When Happy

No music meme is ever complete without Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so...

Emma Caulfield / Nicholas Brendan - I'll Never Tell - from "Once More, With Feeling"

I think, after "Walk Through the Fire" and "Rest in Peace" (OBVS!), this is my favourite song. It's cheesy and awesome and has all the elements you could possibly want - Anya being Anya, Xander being a pervert, dancing, silliness and that quintessential 'Jossness' that makes all the songs in the episode so brilliant to start with.

Right, now here's some more embroidery pics.

This was the addition of the yellow-y colour down the bottom amongst the greenery. For all of these pictures I haven't bothered doing both halves of the deisgn because they didn't warrant it...

Followed by a lighter yellow making the leaves take shape miraculously!

You can't see much in this but it's another shade of green forming stems and more grass. I got very confused here because on the downloaded version of the pattern, where I had to translate some of the symbols (my pattern is all hand-drawn, the downloaded one uses typed characters, so some are different), they had missed out one of the colours entirely and simply replaced it with the green in the above scan, and I'd already used it before earlier on elsewhere. Incidentally, over a year later and I've STILL not uncovered that bloody pattern key...

I do believe that'll do for now. I might finish the music meme before Christmas. :P
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