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Epic Dream of Epicness...

Last night / this morning, I had (as the subject suggests) a ridiculously epic dream with several different intertwining plots and which, as commoncomitatus will be infinitely amused to discover, starred Glenn Close. And by starred I mean she was in approximately 95% of it. So I'll be using my current / temporary default icon. Actually, that might be more apt than I first thought.

Incidentally, until I start remembering my dreams with regular monotony again, I've decided to keep all dream posts public for now and return to the filter if/when they become more forthcoming. I apologise in advance for the ramblingness of this; despite the epicness, the dream itself only had a couple of 'scenes' with any plot value and the rest was fluff. In several senses of the word, as you will discover.

Dream: Glenn Close Epicness

Okay. I think it was supposed to be about Damages. I say "think" because there were several terrifying similarities to Sunset Boulevard (obviously), although nothing was ever directly mentioned. It's more a case of Where Glenn Close Shall Be, Sunset Shall Be Also, though there were a few elements which might be construed as "SB-esque". There were a few characters there from season 1 of Damages: Ellen was definitely there and I think so was Frobisher, and Glenn Close was most definitely playing Patty Hewes. I can only attribute this to having watched the entire of season 1 whilst on sick leave and clamouring for more... Which reminds me that I do need to do a Damages thoughts-type post at some point. Anyway, I think the influx of that show has had some kind of horrible effect on my subconscious. And, considering the majority of the dream's content and subplots, my subconscious clearly reacted to the fact that I didn't have a single 'ship in Damages and felt the need to make up for that somehow.

That being said, here we go.

As ever, I can't remember how it started, but later events lead me to believe that I came into it halfway through anyway. It also didn't have any obvious 'stops' to identify it as a series with episodes so it was more like a film.

The first bit I can remember had three characters of the several who turned up: Patty herself, presumably-Ellen and some other younger guy (why hello, Sunset Boulevard!) who wasn't immediately obviously involved with either of them. And in fact nothing was said or done to indicate as such, but the implication was that he was in fact in a relationship with Patty, and in my head it was about as brain-manglingly awesome as Norma/Joe... Anyway, she wasn't living in her apartment so I'm guessing it must have been the beach house, except it didn't look like that, either. The place was very light and airy and it was definitely by the sea, and actually I think rather than being set in New York the dreamscape was supposed to be LA or Malibu. (OHAISUNSET again).

Er... yes, anyway, I think Ellen had come over for something and Patty had to go out, so had left Unnamed Man (heh, how's that for the balance of power, that my brain didn't feel his name to be important!) in charge of the place and to look after Ellen, who had passed out on the sofa for some reason. I think this is when something was supposed to happen between Man and Ellen, though again it was never actually mentioned. That bit's something of a blur now, except I know there was lots of UST in various directions, anyway. It was quite surreal...

The next part I can remember is something that would make quite a good story in itself, maybe one of those apocalyptic future stories. There was this thing where the Government, in an effort to reduce overpopulation, had come up with the most cost-effective method they could think of. They rounded up all the people they considered of no benefit to society, put them in a large room, and let the richest people pay a fee to come in and fight them. Someone official would watch proceedings through a two-way mirror. I assume the victims in this endeavour had been weakened by their imprisonment and ordeals prior to this so as to make the fight "fair". Then they'd decide which of them fought best, and they would go off for some second trial to prove their worth to society, whilst the underdogs would immediately get carted off to be shot.

My brain is apparently a fascist dictator.

So, anyway, somehow Man and another, older guy (who I think at this point was Frobisher but he changed later on) had ended up captured to be part of this process (either wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time or some other, more complicated reason), so Patty and Ellen had gone to save them. The rich people who had paid for the privilege of beating other people up were all wearing almost-Peacekeeper-esque outfits so as to tell them apart from the victims (who I think were just in whatever clothes they'd been captured in). I don't remember seeing any of the fight, so I assume Patty and Ellen just sort of wove through the crowd trying to get to Frobisher and Man. At this point it was vaguely apparent that Man and Ellen were now together but he was also still with Patty, which was obviously why she was also there. Except Ellen didn't know, and thought Patty was there just to get her into the building and help her out. Actually, that does sound like a very Patty-esque thing to do, pretending to help Ellen for her own benefit...

From what I can recall, Frobisher put up enough of a fight to be saved, and Man had gone to hide in a corner. Or had somehow ended up in said corner, anyway. Ellen hadn't found him as yet. The people who were deemed worthy were heading off up a staircase to another level, so she was looking for him in the crowd because she'd spotted Frobisher already, and all the other people were still trying to pick themselves up off the floor to be led away. I think Man was dying and Patty was holding him (actually, this was the first physical contact they'd had for the entire dream, which at least confirmed my suspicions!), except then he said it was over.

The scene then changed again. Patty and Ellen were going somewhere and booking into a hotel, which appeared to be owned by Katy Brand. I think at this point there was also some random, unrelated section involving a man riding on top of a winnebago and haranging its driver, but I have no idea what thas has to do with anything.

That appeared to be the end. I don't remember what else happened really, I just knew it had ended. As I was watching this entire dream, though, I was very confused as to where the Patty / Man / Ellen triangle had come from and whether it had been establishd properly at any point, so I started the dream again to see if it was explained. Yay, control over time-space continuum. :) I subsequently spent the rest of the dream controlling it using a remote control, even though I was watching it play out through windows and things, as a bystander...

I can remember the "opening shots" really clearly. The 'camera' was focused on a cocktail on a table on a beach, and then panned across several sunbathers until it came to a pair of feet. There was a pathway / road on the beach between two areas of sunloungers and Ellen was approaching wearing a sarong. It then transpired that the feet belonged to Pam St Clements (Pat from EastEnders). I HAVE NO IDEA WHY, but she was part of the dream's cast, apparently.

Ellen and Pat had a conversation for a bit and then started to head towards Pat's car so she could give Ellen a lift to wherever she was going. There was a baby seat in the back so she moved around to the other side, except there was a little yappy dog in there which had had a little accident on the seat, so Ellen gave up and decided to walk.

Then I was watching the rest of the dream from inside a house, out the back window and looking out into the garden. It wasn't much of a garden, just a lawn with some bushes at the back, except whoever it was whose garden it was (I think it was Ellen's) had set up a speaker system in the bushes to play music. Patty was sitting at a garden table with her husband (or Frobisher; they looked like the same person but were definitely different characters) and they both had drinks, then Ellen came out with Man in tow and introduced him. She sat him down and went off to do something else, and he and Patty were exchanging glances, though her husband didn't notice.

Realising I must have missed something (somehow I kept getting distracted, though I don't know what by), I hit the rewind button on the remote control and everyone started going backwards at speed. The action started again and I missed the key points AGAIN so was trying ro rewind again, except whatever I was pointing the remote at was obscured by a curtain, so I had to keep watching until such time as I could rewind again. I was moving around at this point to see if I could find another way of getting to it, whilst trying not to be spotted by the people in the garden. I eventually ended up actually in the garden and at the table with them, where everyone was discussing the music that was playing.

According to the CD case on the table, it was supposed to be the Twelve Stops and Home album by the Feeling, except the song playing was very definitely "Magdalena" by Brandon Flowers.

And at that point I woke up, none the wiser as to how the shippiness had come about.

I'm actually pretty sure there was much more to it, and I have a vague memory of Patty being able to fly (!!!) but to be honest the middle section is a total blur now. I was more amused by the fact that it seemed to go on forever and that my brain was so very determined to figure out the reason for the shippiness (the reason I ended up watching Farscape properly was because I'd seen an episode in season 1 where John and Aeryn weren't together, then the next one I saw was the "Look at the Princess" trilogy, and I wanted to know how this state of affairs came about!). Also that my brain decided to apply shippiness to what was apparently Damages in the first place. I am clearly not allowed to have A Show Unshipped.

So yes, that dream is the reason I'm up so early on a Sunday (I started this entry at 9.30) and now I'm going to catch up on X-Factor, find out what time EastEnders starts (thanks, brain, I didn't need a reminder!!) and dust the bedroom. As a result of the deep sleep I have woken up with a very small migraine, but to be quite honest, it was worth it!

Eni may mock at will, now. :D
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