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The Queen of Hearts, she Baked some Tarts...

...or cakes, at least. And we all know I'm actually the Queen of Angst, but that's neither here nor there.

I have baked a cake for work. Working in a place where people are receptive to my baking and actually eat it without suspicion or checking sell-by dates means that when I do feel like spoiling them with cake, I give enough of a shit to be creative about it.


This is the first time I've managed to make satin icing without it going horribly wrong, drying out, falling off, splitting, or generally not cooperating. It did involve having to roll it out on greaseproof paper, and my hands are still bright pink from colouring the icing for the berries (it's brilliant professional food colourant, but it stains everything it touches), but DAMN, I'm proud of this one. I was going to use some of the left overs with some extra lemon juice / water to pipe a message on the front, but my piping skillz are not up to scratch (yet) and I didn't want to ruin it...

The actual cake itself, hidden beneath the awesome exterior, is flavoured with cinnamon (and a touch of mixed spice for use in fruitcakes) and chock full of dried cranberries. I don't know how they'll have turned out after baking, but honestly, even if it tastes disgusting, I don't care. :P

My Christmas shopping is officially done. After being thwarted at every turn trying to get the last of Paul's presents, I eventually checked out his Amazon wishlist and got him six DVD's from HMV (three off his list and three surprises that I know/think/hope he'll like). And a copy of Girl, Interrupted for myself because it was a fiver. As a bonus, all the DVD's I bought Paul were on two-for-£10.

Just as well really; I went to GameStation on Monday night to pick up a DS game Paul wanted. Thankfully they still had a copy on the shelf (it was in the pre-owned section). Except apparently their stockroom was so disorganised they couldn't actually find the game to go in the box. The girl on the till said she'd been having this problem "all day", and yet nobody had thought to take the time to sort the bloody stockroom out. Just... WTF? It's the last shopping fortnight before Christmas, you'd think they'd get their act together. In the end I had to abandon the game for Paul and just bought the GBA version of Micro Machines instead, to play via the DS. Meh.

We have now just to do the food shop and see various people, wrap presents, and I need to get myself down to the post office fairly soonish otherwise nothing will get anywhere. Although given the potential weather conditions they probably won't anyway.

There are a few things stressing me out, but I shan't post about them here. One particular thing has me stumped and confused, but until I'm thinking more clearly and without the benefit of festive!stress, I should probably let it lie for a bit.
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