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Meme / Embroidery Catch-up.

Okay, I'm finally going to finish this bloody music meme. Obviously, I've now lost the piece of paper I'd written my answers down on, so these will probably be different to my initial thoughts.

Day 27 - A Song You Wish You Could Play


Michael Nyman - "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" - from The Piano

The sound takes a while to kick in - bear with it.

I adore this film. It captivated me from the very first second. (I also really like The Pianist, so maybe it's a piano thing. Not sticking at my playing is one of my biggest regrets.) This is the main theme from the soundtrack, as immortalised in the film itself by the insanely talented Holly Hunter, though I think this is either a fanmix or the actual music video (loving the self-playing piano!)

I shan't say more about the film in case anyone's never seen it. As for the music, I borrowed it once off Clare, who was more advanced than me at piano-playing and struggled with it. I didn't actually get a chance to have a go at it, and I do now have a copy myself somewhere and... yes, it's frelling impossible. I would love to learn this by heart. I don't think I can play anything by heart any more as it stands, but this would be a massive achievement.

Day 28 - A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

My original choice for this was slightly different, though by the same artist.

Katy Perry - "Waking Up In Vegas" - from One of the Boys

Okay. I really didn't like "I Kissed A Girl", for what I hope are exceedingly obvious reasons. I was kind of blah about "Hot N Cold". And then I heard this. I blame this and Brandon Flowers's Flamingo for my current obsession with Las Vegas. I dunno why, I just think this song is frelling awesome.

The reason it makes me feel guilty? IT'S KATY PERRY. I am nearly 30. I should know better than this by now. *sigh*

Day 29 - A Song From Your Childhood

Ah! What better time for this?

Sarah Brightman (and Steve Barton) - "Think of Me" - from The Phantom of the Opera

I could have picked something from Cats to go here, but Phantom is one of my earliest musical memories, apart from The Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz anyway. Phantom is kind of more significant, because I basically remembered it without remembering it. It was playing in the house a lot when I was six or seven (the show opened in 1987) so it was basically etched into my brain. I decided to learn all the words before seeing the UK tour in 1998, and upon listening to the soundtrack again discovered I still remembered this song (and much of the rest of Act One, to a somewhat lesser extent) almost word for word and note for note, despite not having heard it in ten years.

I picked this version because it's the definitive. The part of Christine in the musical was written for Sarah Brightman; not many people have that range. Emmy Rossum can't even hold a match to this performance.

Actually, it's weird: I learn songs quicker than almost anything else. I think I probably should have invented songs for all my revision notes ever, and I might have actually remembered stuff better. :D

Argh, now I want to listen to Phantom. It's been a while, actually...

Day 30 - Your Favourite Song This Time Last Year

Okay, I'm going to cheat. LJ is not telling me what I was listening to this time last year, though I imagine it was something by The Killers. My choice was going to be "Spaceman" (from Day and Age - you get that song for free! Digging the tiger-print gloves. NOM.) because it's so insanely catchy. Seriously, you can't listen to it just once. And it makes me smile every single time. But since it's taken me so long to finish this blasted meme, I shall instead pimp the wonderful Brandon Flowers and pick a song from his solo album. It's a very difficult choice, believe me.

Brandon Flowers - "Magdalena" - from Flamingo

I think there's about two songs I like slightly less than the rest on this entire album. Seriously. It's that good. The combined imagery of gambling and religion should not work, but somehow it does. (Brandon is a Mormon living in Las Vegas. HALP LAS VEGAS OBSESSION!) This is one of the religious-themed songs, weirdly not even remotely preachy or annoying, and quite addictively catchy.

I picked this because it's one of my top five (along with "Only the Young", "Right Behind You" and "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas", though as I said, the entire album is made of win) and has been since I first heard it. Some of the other songs have grown on me with time (like "Swallow It") and some have remained firm favourites.

BUY THIS ALBUM. I'm not even joking.

I think that's quite a good point to end on. Thank frell that's done with. Never, ever ask me to do this again, Eni! :P

Okay, new embroidery picture next.

I've done some more leaves on the tree. That's it. There were a lot, and in several places I had to improvise. I don't think you can tell I messed it up early on, but I anticipate some problems much later on... we'll see what happens.

Oh, and these are my new trainers.

Purdy! They are quite comfy, too.

Aaaand that's about it for now. I will try and update around here more often, though apparently giving me ridiculous daily memes isn't the best approach. :P

I shall now watch the Giles+Sue Xmas special on iPlayer and probably post icons in the inevitable post-episode squeefest. Be warned.
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