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Motivational Speech

Okay, self. You and I are going to have a little chat.

We are three stone overweight and have put on a dress size over the past few months. We have been saying for years that we need to lose the weight, do some more exercise and be happier within ourselves. We have made a few well-meaning attempts that have fallen apart for a variety of external reasons, but let's be honest: the rest are just excuses.

We're basically lazy. And unmotivated. We lack the basic ability to get off our collective backside and do something about it.

So, listen up, self. This weekend we are going to take ourselves into Birmingham and investigate the low-cost new gym that's opened up. We're going to pay the monthly fee and we're going to bloody well start attending.

No arguments. I'm the boss of us and my word is law.

We just need to work together and motivate each other to stick at it, and eventually the benefits will appear.

Okay, self? Got it? Good.


Er, yes. Not sure if giving myself a motivational speech will actually help, but it makes me feel more assertive.

This year is the Year of Losing Weight. I am determined that this will be so. I've put on a stone since July thanks to regular junk food and lack of energy (hello, vicious cycle) and I've started as I mean to go on by attempting to eat healthily this week. I am going to make vats and vats of soup to eat for lunch; I've discovered a liking for caesar salad (yeah, that surprised me, too!); I'm going to try and make a big list of calorie contents and try to keep below the RDA of 2000 on a regular basis. Dammit, I can't keep living like this. I want to buy pretty things and wear nice boots like normal people, and if nothing else I want my fricking boobs to stop growing. I'm sick of buying new bras. (Actually, I think the pills don't help with that, but the extra two inches of chest measurement isn't down to hormones, it's down to flab.)

Last night I started investigating local gyms. Paul and I live around the corner from the Kings Heath branch of LA Fitness, so it seemed plain lazy and silly not to join up. They keep half-tempting us in with special offers, but they don't state their prices anywhere. I had a look online to see if the website could tell me, but they just advise that you ask in your local club as to their membership deals.

Er, no. I want to know how much I'm paying before I go through the door.

A quick Google search told me it was anywhere between £40 and £50 per month, PLUS the initial membership fee of £20. That's a little bit much for me, to be honest, especially since I anticipate it'll take me a few weeks to get into the flow (generally, when I don't exercise for ages, any intensive form of movement makes me ache for days).

I then did another search for other local gyms and attempted the same process with Virgin Active, who have a gym at Five Ways. Again, they don't tell you their prices on the website, so I did another search to find them out. It's pretty much the same price, unless you get health insurance from the Pru because they give you Virgin Active gym membership for a fiver a month with your policy. Except then I found lots of horror stories about Virgin Active being evil corporate bastards who renew your contract without telling you, then demand money off you and threaten debt collection!

Er, no. Quite frankly, I don't know why I expected another branch of the great Virgin monster to be any better than their shitty cable service.

SO, then I searched for "low cost gyms in Birmingham" and discovered "The Gym", which has just opened on Union Street (opposite HMV). I could only find reviews for the Manchester branch, but they were all full of shining praise. Membership is £15.99 a month, it's open 24 horus a day, AND you don't get locked into a dodgy contract either. This sounds too good to be true, however, so Paul and I are going to investigate on Saturday.

Location-wise it would be perfect, as it means we can both go after work and it's close enough to the 50 stop for it not to matter. The website says there isn't a waiting list, so with any luck we can register soon, if it's appropriate. Then it's just a case of having the motivation to bloody well go there.

I started keeping a "food diary" on LJ a while ago (the posts were personal-locked) but then my internet went down for a couple of days and I lost track, so I deleted them. I think it might be a good idea to keep track of my weight / calorie intake on here at the very least, perhaps monthly measurements. I will probably personal-lock those too unless they're especially spectacular!

My end goal is to fit back into the majority of my clothes, including some pretty skirts, tops and dresses I have worn approximately once but would love to get back into. My perfect end goal is to buy some knee-high boots from a normal shop for normal people and have them actually fit, but I couldn't even buy them when I was four stone lighter so we'll see how that ends up. :P

If I do not go to the gym and am still moaning about my weight in six months' time, absolutely everyone I know is entitled to tell me to STFU.

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