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A Recipe and Some Television

I made this last night because I couldn't decide what else to do and didn't fancy a(nother) roast dinner. I'm roast dinnered out after Christmas.

Recipe: Pork Loin and Mustard En Croute

Well, I say en croute, it was more a pie... I intended it to be an en croute but didn't want to fight with the sauce.


400g (approx) pork tenderloin or similar
1x block ready made puff pastry
Instant white sauce mix OR 125ml home-made white sauce (see below)
Baby button mushrooms, halved (a handful)
1 tbsp coarse grain mustard
1 tbsp soured cream
Approx. 2 tbsp finely grated cheese (I used gruyére)
Butter (for frying)
1x beaten egg / milk / melted butter (for brushing)
Salt, pepper, chilli flakes


Grease an appropriately-sized ovenproof dish and pre-heat the oven to 200C.

Separate the puff pastry into two pieces, one slightly bigger than the other. Roll out the bigger piece so it is large enough to cover the base and sides of the dish.

Fry the pork tenderloin in a dry pan for a couple of minutes to seal the meat, then place it in the dish on top of the pastry.

Melt a generous knob of butter in the same pan and fry off the mushrooms over a medium heat until golden brown.

Make up the white sauce. (In my case it was the Bisto sauce mix and I only had enough left for half the amount, hence 125ml! I shall include a basic white sauce recipe below.) Stir in the mustard, soured cream and grated cheese, then add the mushrooms, along with any left over melted butter. Stir well.

Pour the sauce over the pork and ensure the base is also evenly covered.

Roll out the second piece of pastry and cover the pie dish, pressing the sides together to ensure there are no gaps. Brush with beaten egg / milk / melted butter (but not olive oil, as I discovered!) and then season liberally with black pepper, salt and chilli flakes.

Bake in the middle of the oven for approximately 30 minutes.

Basic White Sauce Recipe


Plain flour
Grated nutmeg


Alas I never measure my white sauce. Melt a large knob of butter in a saucepan. Then add plain flour in small amounts, using a whisk, until you have a "roux" or paste-like consistency. Add milk gradually, whisking to get rid of lumps, until you have a thick, creamy sauce. Add a pinch of grated nutmeg.

If you cook it for too long it will continue to thicken, so you can keep adding milk to make more. At least, that's how I do it. :P I bought the Bisto stuff initially because I had failed to make roux sauce before, then one day I figured it out. THE WHISK IS KEY. A wooden spoon will result in sticky, lumpy disaster. You have been warned.

If you do end up with lumps, one of those electric hand blenders is an ideal tool to rectify things...

I served this with roast potatoes and roasted red onion (for Paul; I prefer red onion raw, bizarrely). The mustardy sauce was quite thick when it went in, but turned into a lovely gravy after cooking. The soured cream offset the hot mustard really nicely and there was just a hint of cheese (grueyere is quite mild anyway, I presume cheddar might be a bit more overpowering...)

Paul had no faith in me at all, panicking at me because I didn't taste the sauce and check the seasoning. I DO NOT NEED TO CHECK THESE THINGS. I KNOW. Anyway, considering the state of his "experiments" in the kitchen, he is in no place to judge me. :P

There's still half of it left for tonight, also, as most of it ended up being pastry as opposed to filling. I had too much pastry for it to be a proper en croute anyway, though the thought was there. ;)

So, this morning Winscribe wasn't working. It came back at around 10.15, and then at 12.45 we were informed that IKEN was going to be out of action for the remainder of the day. Also apparently Winscribe, though that seems to be working. Hence the random recipe entry because I is bored. The WPO's have watched one of the Clericals doing scanning (I believe the technical term is "shadowing" :P) but we only have one scanner set up for this particular scanning task so it's not like we can actually help right now, and the second part of the process requires IKEN anyway. So I'm going at 3.30.

Edit, 15.45...

Okay, shortly after stating that, OBVIOUSLY, it all started working again, so I'm staying til a bit later... I could do with staying until at least 5.00 every day this week to try and build some flex, but it's not happening today.

I went out to buy some Migraleve at lunchtime as I had a bit of a light-sensitive headache and some vague nausea. For future reference, the city centre Boots actually sells the pink-only tablets; in fact they'd run out of the pink-and-yellow ones, where in all other places it's usually vice versa.

Migraleve are bloody miraculous things. Whatever the active ingredient is, it seems to work. Unfortunately, they do occasionally make me drowsy/sleepy, and today is one of those occasions. As much as I would like to stay late (or would if there was more work to do), I think I need to go home and have a nap instead.

In other news, season 2 of Glee starts tonight. WOO! I've heard some exciting things about this series and given my slightly questionable mental state over the past few months, I could really do with some way of venting, and Glee has made my cry more often than any other show I've seen. It was reaching a point of being almost every other episode last season. It's also the only other show on record, apart from Farscape, to take me from one end of the emotioanl spectrum to the other in five seconds flat...

Oh yes, Paul and I also made a start on Firefly last night, as it's only a short series. Finally I know where that line is that people keep quoting: "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" Actually, I probably should have guessed that was a Joss-ism. We've watched the first two episodes thus far... I thought the pilot was a bit overlong, if I'm honest, with a bit too much going on. Of course, the trouble with pilot episodes is that they have to introduce the entire cast of characters, denote their personalities / relationships, and situate the entire series, so it's understandable that they cram in a lot of stuff and never feel quite as fluid as the rest of the season. On the other hand, by the time we reached episode two, "The Train Job", I found things a lot easier to follow, the characters more natural, etc.

Firefly has attempted to scupper my shipping in its path with the husband/wife team already, but I think (based on two episodes, anyway) that my initial, tentative ship of choice is Kaylee / the Companion chick. (It takes a couple of episodes for me to remember everyone's names. :D) Mal / Companion chick is too bloody obvious, and none of the other characters have really grabbed me. So yeah. We'll see if the ol' radar is as good as ever. NO SPOILERS THANKYOU PLEASE.

Talking of shipper!scuppering, Six Feet Under managed that, too, in setting up Nate/Brenda from the off. Keith/David was bubbling away but also already established, there's a bit of something with Clare/Billy, but I think it's going to turn out to be one of those "family" shipping shows. (I'm not moaning; shipping is shipping!) I'm really enjoying the Clare/Nate relationship, actually, and Clare/David to a lesser extent.

I need to start talking more about Six Feet Under on here, as it's really amazingly awesome; just a shame I found it ten years too late. It's kind of odd, really, as it's basically... not about anything. It's just a vaguely rambling narrative about the lives of the various Fishers, but it's SO. ADDICTIVE.

Yes. I'm meant to update LJ more so I need to start talking more about my various TV viewing. Paul and I have several marathons ahead, so it seems only right. I also need to kick-start my X-Files rewatch and start talking about that some more. I'm not quite sure whether to start where I left off (last two episodes of season 7) or start again. I intended to start again anyway once I'd finished, but I know there's some bloody brilliant episodes to come and I should probably get through the rest before I restart.

And since it's taken me so long to actually post this tonight, I might as well mention some Glee stuff now that I've seen the first episode. Hm. Okay. For some reason the lip-synching / dubbing seemed really badly done tonight, especially in Sunshine's audition piece. Rachel's song at the end was much better in that respect. The whole, "...that doesn't make sense" stuff from Sue was hilarious. :D I was sort of oddly enjoying the Sue/Will friendship, in a car-crash kind of way, so I'm not entirely sure if the old dynamic will work again... although if Will and Bieste team up against Sue it might get interesting...

Er, not much else to say really. Good to see it back, at least. More Mercedes / Kurt / Puck next week plz. I think they're my three favourite characters, vocals-wise.

Oh yes! I also really liked that bit at the start where Will was being interviewed by blog!dude. "Wait, the kids don't like my rapping?" LOL.

And that'll do.
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