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I Got Here, What More Do You Want?

That ^ is the mood I am in today. My body did its usual trick of giving me migraines on both days of the weekend, only to miraculously make them go away on Monday morning. Actually, Saturday's wasn't too bad and didn't kick in until the afternoon (after we'd got back from shopping), and Sunday's kicked in mid-morning, went away with Migraleve and then came back in the evening, which I think is because I ended up having a snooze whilst watching The Simpsons...

I took the Yellow Tablets last night before going to bed in an attempt to fend off Migraine Mark II. I don't feel as tired as I have done in a while, but I think that's because taking painkillers before bed tends to lead to a somewhat better quality of sleep, Still did not want to get up this morning, though.

I will be SO GLAD when January is over.

In other news, I did some investigation into why Sims 3 runs so slowly on my PC, and via Yahoo!Answers I went to a website which does a system check to see if your computer is able to run certain programmes / games. It turns out everything is fine except the processor. Well, great.

It's a bit annoying, really. Our PC is only about three years old and already obsolete - technology just goes too fast to keep up. I bought 1GB of RAM with the intention of being able to play the game and, even though it's not unplayable, it runs so slowly as to make trying to customise anything absolutely impossible, because it takes so long to react. The only solution at this point is to buy a new PC, and they do have one on ebuyer (sans operating system) for about £190 (500GB HDD and 3GB RAM I think). It's a fairly feasible option, and we could probably find someone who wants a desktop PC off us with a good spec, otherwise our (fully functional) PC will join the computer graveyard in the attic. But before that I do need to get an external hard-drive to back everything up, and a pirate copy of Windows 7. Although I think I have my old XP discs somewhere as a last resort...

I think perhaps what's more annoying is that the game is designed for operating systems up to and including Vista (so, pre-Windows 7), according to the spec on the box, and is the kind of game which a wide range of people enjoy playing. The majority of people are not going to have the kind of super-powerful computers on which the game was designed, as they're going to be installing it on their family "office" desktop or their child's laptop. Most people do not buy high-spec gaming computers. Or do they? I don't know. As far as I can see, gaming computers are horrendously expensive or custom-built by people who know what they're doing, whereas most home PC's are sold to people who want a home office or family computer.

I'm probably talking out of my backside. I dunno. I just find it irritating that any technology you buy will be obsolete within about a month, and the fact that nobody makes anything backwards-compatible so you have to get programmes like DOSBox to play "old-fashioned" point and click games from the 90s. Like, did they think once we'd played them we'd get bored and move on to better things? I don't get it. I still play Tetris and Super Mario World on the Gameboy, FFS, and they're still as playable as they were back then. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Paul and I were meant to visit The Gym for an induction / introduction on Saturday. We put it on the calendar and everything. But we were both absolutely knackered and didn't bother. I now have some new scales, thanks to my mum getting me some from the Argos in Merry Hill (seriously, does every Argos in Birmingham only stock one of everything?), which are both pretty and more accurate than my previous ones. It's payday tomorrow so Paul and I are going to Matalan as he needs more work shirts and I need gym-type clothing, a sports bra and some proper supportive trainers. I was going to get some from Deichmann (they had Nikes for £30) but it's apparently closed for refurbishment. What with January thus far conspiring against me in one way or another, it's probably for the best if I leave gym membership until February...

It's weird. I have these bizarre fluctuating mood swings about my potential gym membership. The concept both terrifies and fascinates me at the same time. I've been trying to calorie-count in January but half the time I'm so tired, I just want easy, comforting food. I had McDonalds for lunch on Friday for the first time in five years of working in the city centre. (I occasionally have it for dinner before choir, but it's rare.) We then had curry in the evening. All my good intentions are scuppered by my complete inability to remain motivated.

I want to lose this weight. I really, honestly do. I want to be able to go sale shopping again and find things that damn well fit me. (I had a look in the H&M sale and they literally had nothing above a size 10.) I go through phases where I just think, "Join the gym already, it won't be so difficult when you start going", but that thought is automatically countered by, "But it's terrifying!", and then I start panicking about it. I don't know what I'm so scared of, but joining a gym is turning into one of those things where I attempt to picture myself doing it and simply can't. I don't know how to break this cycle. I need Paul to help motivate me, but we're as bad as each other when it comes to the weekend, both exhausted and both sleeping in. It's a horribly vicious cycle that I just can't break.

Ho hum. Doubtless I will still be moaning about this in a month's time.

Anyway, despite today being boring, the morning has gone surprisingly quickly, so I shall post this and wait out the next half an hour until lunchtime...
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