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The subject will become apparent... I was going to wait a while on this entry but might as well get it over with.

I'm very glad that January is finally over, seeing as it seems content to keep kicking me in the arse. The following course of events are not bad, per se, but somewhat annoying.

So. commoncomitatus, because she is the awesomest person ever, bought me a Wii for Christmas. Or, well, technically she bought Paul and I a Wii for our respective birthdays and Christmasses, because she was in transit to Nottingham over the festive period and didn't officially buy me a birthday present in October. (She made me lots of brilliant Sunset stuff.) She also bought me a game called Epic Mickey, "...because it had to be Disney". And also because it had to be EPIC.

For the annoyingness, let's go back to Sunday, when Paul finally remembered to change his phone contract and order a new phone. With which, OF COURSE, we got a whole Wii package worth £250 for free. That turned up Monday night (next day delivery), and Eni's Wii turned up on Wednesday morning.

So over the course of three days I went from having no Wii's to two, neither of which I had to pay for. :)

Unfortunately we can't just send back the phone package stuff because the Orange deal included not only the standard Wii kit of console, controller, nunchuck, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Wiimotion Plus, BUT ALSO the Wii Fit software and balance board. Otherwise we'd send it back and get the X-Box Paul wanted.

Basically it was a bout of very bad timing indeed. If Paul had ordered his phone earlier then Eni wouldn't have been ridiculously generous (seriously, do you need money for rent or anything now?!) because we would already have been in possession of a Wii, and if Paul had procrastinated another week, say, he would have an X-Box. Not that we have anywhere to put one. :P

For what it's worth, we're using the gifted Wii rather than the contract one, and have asked Lisa if she wants the other one. Failing which Paul's mate Dan reckons he can shift it for us, and we can keep the Wii Fit stuff because that's worth about £100 on its own.

So, actually, despite the initial WTF-ery of timing, we could be £100 up and Paul can probably use that to still get himself an X-Box. :) Or just buy an additional controller and peripherals...

ANYWAY, we plugged it in last night and had a go with it, have set up our Mii's and practiced our Sporting skillz. (PS: Baseball is hard.) I might have a go at Epic Mickey tonight whilst Paul is out.

The deal on Paul getting the new phone contract was for me to buy games and stuff for the Wii when we got it, so this month I'll probably be getting Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart and anything else that looks interesting. Considering Sims is so slow on my PC I am half-tempted to get the Wii version of that, too, just so it runs at a reasonable speed. :P

So yeah. Seriously, January? I mean, I get that this is your way of sort of making up for being completely crap up 'til now, but honestly, there are better ways. :P
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