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30-Day Meme Introduction

Okay, so I swore I wouldn't do one of these bloody memes again, but then I was struck with the brilliant idea to do one for fandom (shipping, specifically) and one for movies. I figured "Movies for March" was good and alliterative, and since Valentine's Day falls in February it seemed a good choice for shipping, but that doesn't look right, so it's "Fandom for February". :P I could wait and do Shipping for September, but I'm quite excited about doing it now, and my Muses have a tendency to come out of hibernation around this time of year, so with any luck posting about shipping (which I do so like to do) will poke them into alertness.

I've basically taken the original list of questions and changed 'song' to 'ship' (and ditto 'movies' when I get to that one), except for where they made no sense. For the song meme I posted links to Youtube; for fandom / ships I think picspam is in order. For movies, er... maybe the trailers, I haven't decided yet. If you want to play, there are rules under the cut.

Fandom for February Rules
  1. Make a post each day for the categories listed below. As February only has 28 days I suggest doing a double-post for one of the days (doesn't matter which), and then letting it roll over onto 1st March, commencing Movies for March on the 2nd (as March has 31 days). If you inevitably don't manage to post every day, then a big catch-up post will also suffice, or you can just keep going whenever you remember. :) So really, it's not that strict a rule.

  2. For each list item post a minimum of one picture (no maximum, although don't go mad with it) of the 'ship in question. It can be your favourite picture if it's canon, or a manip if it's not.

  3. Write a short (!) explanation about why you chose that ship.

  4. If at all possible, try not to repeat fandoms. You may get around this by using cross-fandom pairings. If you don't have many fandoms then obviously you can repeat them. (I may struggle with this one myself and will probably break it. :P)

The List

Yes, I do anticipate some of these will be next to impossible.

Day 01 - Your favourite ship.
Day 02 - Your least favourite ship.
Day 03 - A ship that makes you happy.
Day 04 - A ship that makes you sad.
Day 05 - A ship that reminds you of someone.
Day 06 - A ship that reminds you of somewhere.
Day 07 - A ship that reminds you of a certain event.
Day 08 - A ship that you know all the history of.
Day 09 - A ship that makes you dance for joy.
Day 10 - A ship that makes you fall asleep.
Day 11 - A ship from your favourite show/book/movie.
Day 12 - A ship from a show/book/movie you hate.
Day 13 - A ship that is a guilty pleasure.
Day 14 - A ship that no-one would expect you to love.
Day 15 - A ship that you relate to.
Day 16 - A ship that you used to love but now hate.
Day 17 - A ship that you see a lot on the internet.
Day 18 - A ship that you wish you saw on the internet.
Day 19 - A ship from your favourite boxset / book series / etc.
Day 20 - A ship that you enjoy when you're angry.
Day 21 - A ship that you enjoy when you're happy.
Day 22 - A ship that you enjoy when you're sad.
Day 23 - A ship you would theme your wedding around.
Day 24 - A ship you woudl theme your funeral around.
Day 25 - A ship that makes you laugh.
Day 26 - A ship that has a theme tune.
Day 27 - A ship that you wish had a theme tune.
Day 28 - A ship that makes you feel guilty.
Day 29 - A ship from your childhood.
Day 30 - Your favourite ship this time last year.

...Yeah, some of those were kind of hard to translate. :D

I will commence this when I get in from choir tonight, or possibly tomorrow if I'm too tired. I will probably start thinking of answers very soon so as to make things easier. As ever, that first question is the killer and I wish whoever made this meme had put it at the end. It's like, how do you choose?

Anyway, the game / meme is open for all to participate. Have fun!
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