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Fandom for February: Day Three

Posting a little earlier tonight because I want to watch Skins at 10.00. ;)

Day 03: A Ship That Makes You Happy

I didn't even have to think about this one. :D

Daphne and Niles from Frasier.

This was an early 'ship for me. Whilst I've never seen all of Frasier (apart from religiously watching a couple of seasons towards the end), when I did watch it I was more than aware of these two. In fact they were the only reason I did watch those couple of seasons, which I think were seven and eight respectively.

This is an early promo shot from (I would guess) about season one or two.

Picture source: Eye the Ticker

Obviously it's an early shot because of how young they both look. An unfortunate end result of my Daphne/Niles obsession was (a) an epically long fanfic (in script format) which I wrote over the course of several memorable weekend mornings, immediately following the cliffhanger in which they finally get together; and (b) a ridiculous, angst-ridden crush on David Hyde-Pierce which lasted several years longer than it should have done. I think it was a combination of the kicked-puppy mentality when Niles was around Daphne, the educated accent, the dress sense... I don't even know. He has cheekbones. I was young and full of hormones. ;)

One of my very favourite episodes of Frasier (and the only one I ever bought on video) is "Moondance". I think this is across the board for Daphne/Niles shippers, to be honest. This is a promo pic from that episode.

Picture source: MSN Entertainment

I can kind of see where the crush came from, actually. Anyway, it's been a while since I saw this episode, but IIRC Daphne ended up going to some ball / function thing with Niles in place of Maris, his wife, and they ended up tangoing madly on the ballroom floor. (I am, of course, a complete sucker for a good dance scene: see later posts for details.) At one point, in the heat of the moment, Niles professes, "Daphne, I adore you!", and then does this:-

Picture source: IGN

She actually professes the same thing immediately afterwards, thinking it was part of the act they were putting on for his associates at the ball. Considering this was early in the series' history, it wasn't any kind of precursor to them getting together.

The chase was a long one, and at the end of season seven (I think; as I say, my memory is a bit fuzzy) Daphne was supposed to be marrying someone else but had struggled for half a season with the knowledge that Niles was in love with her. He had also eloped about two episodes previously in a fit of pique and married someone else. There is a balcony scene (this show hits all my weak spots, damn it!) in which they decide they can't be together, and then at the very last second she runs away with him.

There then followed another two series before it ended for good. The Daphne/Niles dynamic was never quite the same once they'd finally gotten together, but they were still very sweet and very watchable. Part of the appeal was the anticipation - would Niles ever tell her? Would she ever feel the same? Would she ever even notice? The cliffhanger in question was expertly done; the dialogue was absolutely superb. Even though Channel 4 ruined the best bits for me with their episode trailer, it still remains one of my most memorable shipper moments, if only for the endless re-watches, the email tennises with like-minded friends, and that instantaneous decision of "Bugger it, I'm writing a fanfic". Although at that point I didn't know they were called fanfics. ;)

I posted this as a "ship that makes me happy". The reason is, purely and simply, because it does. Different pairings create different reactions and different feelings; Daphne and Niles have always been about the warm fuzzies. Niles's childlike obsession is equal parts charming and adorkable; Daphne's obliviousness makes you feel for him, and they're both well-written characters. It's a pairing that delivered eventually, and that makes me happy. And more than that, it always made me smile. Some ships make you cry; some make you laugh; some make you jump up and down and run screaming around the room. Examples of all of these will feature in this meme. But for now: Daphne and Niles are love.

Aww, bless. *squishes*

Tsk. I have no relevant icons for this post. I shall have to rectify that immediately. :D
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