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Fandom for February: Day Four.

Today has been mostly full of suck: Pret gave me latte instead of mocha, but I was so tired I drank it anyway because, frankly, it had caffeine in it. Yesterday all the WPO's had a meeting with the Big Boss of Legal Services, who is doing the rounds of different grades to tell us how appreciated we all are in these hard times of voluntary redundancy and saving millions of pounds. It was quite frustrating; the KEH typists are even worse than my lot, if you can believe it, and I was going to bring up the IKEN parties issue to establish where the stupidity had come from, but I couldn't be arsed. Even though my colleagues weren't that annoying today, it all got to me and I was full of rage all morning, then shattered all afternoon.

I came home, had toast, pate and cheese for tea followed by a scone with clotted cream and raspberry jam, then played a couple of hours of Epic Mickey (which is SO SO EPIC) to wind down, except now I'm stuck again and going around in circles gets frustrating after a while. ;)

Anyway. Meme tiemz. (This may be slightly spoilery...)

Day 04 - A Ship That Makes You Sad

Several ships have made me sad, and I had a couple of choices for this one, but I plumped for this in the end.

Gene Hunt and Alex Drake from Ashes to Ashes.

These two took me by suprise a bit. I was so consumed by the Sam/Annie ship in Life on Mars that (a) all the Gene/Sam slash completely passed me by and (b) I never really considered Gene a particularly shippable character. He was too manly and gruff and mysogynistic.

And then Ashes to Ashes came along in all its insane 80s retroness, and with it came Alex Drake, and suddenly my perception of Gene Hunt got turned upside down.

Picture source: The Daily Mail's article on the show, of all places...

They look an unlikely pair at first glance. I think perhaps it didn't help that Alex first turns up dressed like a slapper, and Gene thinks she's a prostitute. They flirt shamelessly for a series, spend another acknowledging that they have feelings for each other, and then a third trying to deny them. Alex gets thrown back into a world where strong women are feared because of Thatcherism; Gene is still dragging his knuckles into the 20th century and now has a madwoman on his hands claiming to come from the same place as his dearly departed Sam Tyler. The dynamic shouldn't work; but somehow it does. They argue constantly, and neither backs down. He's afraid of her intelligence and she's afraid of him, in a lot of respects, and she battles with her own brain about whether or not he's actually real, or a figment of her imagination.

They frequently have stand-offs which look like this:-

Picture source: same.

Feeeeel the bubbling tension. :D

None of this is sad so far. The reason they make me sad is because, when it came down to it, they couldn't be together, even when they'd finally acknowledged that it stood a chance. They fought the Devil and won, but Gene's place is not by Alex's side - or anyone's, in fact - until his job is done. And that could take many, many more years.

I like to think that God takes pity on Gene one day, and he can see Alex (and Sam and Annie and Chris and Ray and Shaz) again. But until that day, we have this:-

Picture source: ageless_aislynn via geneandalex

And for now, it ends like this:-

Picture source: As above.

Despite the sad ending for Gene and Alex, Ashes to Ashes did nevertheless have a very satisfying ending, tying in loose ends from LoM and explaining everything really well. I tried not to make this post too spoilery by actually revealing the ending, but I was very impressed with it despite the non-shippy outcome. I think, actually, it's the only time a pairing hasn't delivered and I've completely, totally understood why, and not hated all those involved. Even though it's sad, it's appropriately so.

It's also a very recent 'ship for me, and one which reminded me unequivocably of what it meant to be a shipper. So for that, Gene and Alex, I salute you.

Phew, only just got that up before midnight...
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