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Fandom for February: Day Six

Life stuff first. Paul had to do a repair job on the oven door yesterday, as the seal was hanging down and heat was escaping to the degree that the smoke / heat detector went off during the week. I had a bit of a panic earlier because the temperature indicator light wasn't working properly and I was paranoid that the seal was still inadequate, so ended up using the slower top oven instead. On testing if a few minutes later the light was working perfectly again (i.e. actually turning off at the right temperature instead of staying on) so with any luck it's fixed.

Anyway, not much else happening, so onward with the meme. Fandom is more important than life anyway. :P

Day 06 - A Ship That Reminds You Of Somewhere

For this I have chosen Mitzi and Felicia (or Anthony and Adam) from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

I don't have many official slash pairings (I tend to spot slash for the lulz without ever following it through), but this is one of them. It's not as big as some others - I haven't written or read any fanfic, nor dreamt about them, nor analysed things in depth - but it's nevertheless just as important.

Picture source: my DVD - Google was unhelpful!

(Sorry for the squashedness of the pictures; for some reason PowerDVD and/or Photoshop decided not to cap them properly...)

I love these two. :) Their actual on-screen relationship is hidden away in the subplot (and indeed, the West End musical of the film focuses more on Bernadette/Bob, with Anthony and Adam taking a back burner), but it's very fun nonetheless. They spend the entire film snarking at each other, and when they're not snarking they're play-fighting in rivers or waltzing by a campfire.

Picture source: same

By the end of the film they've sort of got over themselves a bit, Anthony has learnt to accept that Adam is a gigantic manchild, and Adam... well, Adam is Adam. He's a brat, he's a bitch, he's completely unbearable... but that doesn't matter, because despite giving Anthony grief over having an ex-wife and a son to boot, when he actually meets Benji it's like this little light comes on. It takes Benji's calm and unquestioning acceptance to kick Anthony up the arse, and I kind of get the impression that Benji would never forgive him if Adam didn't come along for the ride. (Canon shippers are awesome. :D)

I like to think that Anthony, Adam and Benji live in the bus forever singing Abba songs. Or at the very least that they take Priscilla out for Abba-fuelled camping trips. :D

Picture source: same

As for where this reminds me of... well, my fondest memory of this pairing is inflicting it and the film on Eni when we did our mocha crawl, so inevitably it reminds me of Manchester - of coffee shops, KFC in the Arndale centre, Biblical downpours, arguing about rainbow-painted walls, rock-paper-scissors, Canal Street at 3.00am, and squeeing hysterically (and inappropriately) at the adorableness of the slash. TeH Weekend of Random, as it became known, is an adventure that can never be repeated - I wouldn't have the energy any more, for starters, and if I drank that much coffee in one day ever again, I think my kidneys would keel over and die from the shock :P - but I have Mitzi/Felicia as a lasting memory.

Picture source: same

Right. I now need to have a shower, as tea look longer than anticipated thanks to oven!paranoia and my delaying it longer than I intended. I will endeavour to do a double-post some point next week, seeing as I didn't manage it today...
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