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Fandom for February: Day Seven

Well, the oven appears to be working now, indicator light and all. In any case, I managed to cook my dinner without setting off the alarm.


Day 07 - A Ship That Reminds You Of A Certain Event

The appropriateness of this pairing for this day only strikes me now...

The Doctor and Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager

I have nearly exhausted all pairings from this fandom. :) Anyway, I already mentioned this ship in the context of Day 02 (Chakotay/Seven), and of the two destroyed pairings, I think this was the greater loss. For me, anyway. Doc/Seven became my main focus in Voyager for the best part of about three seasons. As ever, I saw the pairing before it became 'official' in the context of the show, that is I had a feeling the Doctor would fall for her long before that plot point ever came about. The show had already established his weakness for blondes when Kes was around (I was a mild Kes/Doc shipper, too. :P) and it was only a matter of time before his affections turned towards Seven.

The Doctor has also always been one of my favourite characters, usually having the best lines and pulling the best faces. I think Seven of Nine was a creation of all three writers: namely that Jeri Taylor wanted a rehabilitated Borg on the ship, and Berman & Braga decided she should be stunningly beautiflul and give the fanboys something to, er, drool over. Thus they found Jeri Ryan, who actually turned out to be a very intelligent actress and took the character probably far beyond what the writers initially intended.

Only two characters ever got particularly close to Seven: Janeway and the Doctor. Janeway basically adopted her, and the Doctor was her mentor - in basic humanity to start with, and then in the more subtle social nuances.

Picture source: Wikipedia

As part of their dating lessons, he taught her how to dance. It's at this point that dear Doctor starts to fall, or at least acknowledge the fact. We then had to sit there and watch him angst over it for a couple of seasons, indulging in the occasional Doc/Seven moment here and there, but always wondering if he would pluck up the courage to tell her. Moreover, if she would ever reciprocate.

At one point he teaches her how to sing. I think. I can't quite remember, although possibly it was just to find her an interest. They used singing because Robert Picardo has an amazing voice (I've heard him live, and can concur!) and, well, any excuse to show off. :)

Picture source: Memory Alpha

As a result, "You Are My Sunshine" basically became their theme tune. When I met Rob Picardo at the second SFX event I got him to sign a photograph for doec and write the song title on it. :) His reaction when I asked was "You want me to sing it?!" as he'd misheard me. ;)

Er, anyway. What does this pairing remind me of? My first year Occupational Therapy placement, that's what.

It's not an event I particularly want to remember, but in order to keep myself sane whilst on placement, I was writing my epic Mary Sue fic, "Minh", which included an awful lot of Doc/Seven in the subplot. In addition, Katie and I were writing "Identity" (our Seven / B'Elanna body swap insanity) and I was also writing a few Doc/Seven ficlets, as it was my Pairing of the Month. My shipping habits are quite cyclical, and I can and will become obsessed with one particular pairing for weeks on end. Doc/Seven was no exception to that rule. The madness continued long after I'd quit the OT course, obviously, but I can still remember sitting on the top deck of the bus and writing bits of fanfic, and of looking forward to those quiet moments of escape from awfulness of a work placement I didn't want to be doing. It's perhaps the perfect example of writing, and fandom, keeping me sane - especially considering that afterwards, when it all fell apart, I finished the Mary Sue fic just to say thank you to Katie (and Traci) for keeping me above water during one of my darkest periods.

Picture source: same

Even though Doc/Seven never happened (the above was platonic - honest!), except in the Doc's imagination and that of several fangirls, it remained a favourite pairing until I drifted out of the fandom upon discovering Farscape - and even then it continued for a fair while. It's still a favourite pairing, perhaps more so because it didn't happen and we have nothing to rely upon except the subtleties - and sometimes, they're more fun than the blatantly obvious.

Hm, that'll do. Glee is on in a bit and apparently it's the Rocky Horror episode so doubtless I will have things to say. I'm partway dreading it, actually, but at the same time hope it's enough to keep the MTV idiots happy and stop them doing a remake. I dunno if that's still in the pipeline anyway... but hopefully a Glee version will be enough to get the kids interested in the original, thus negating the need for a remake. ;) (Though, the only character I could remotely see as Frank [Puckerman] is in jail, I think? Hm, this could be... interesting.)
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