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Rocky Horror / Glee thoughts.


Hee! I thoroughly enjoyed that. :D

My least favourite parts were the Emma/Will "Touch-A Touch Me" sequence (although Magenta!Santana and Columbia!Brittany totally saved it - they were going to be part of my fandom meme but I couldn't fit them in), Carl being a jackass (seriously, can we get rid of him now) and the lack of Puckerman as Frank. I really think he would have been perfect. I thought the lyrics changing for Emma/Will was very clunky also - either do the song properly or don't include it at all. Considering Will was meant to be rehearsing, you'd think he would have sung Rocky's actual song. :P

On the plus side, the rest of it was cracktastically amazing. KURT AS RIFF RAFF OMG. He even sounded like Richard O'Brien!!! And I totally guessed Santana would be Magenta before it even started. Criminologist!Sue!!! (I want Jane Lynch to be the Narrator on the next stage tour - she would be frigging AWESOME. I can only begin to imagine the come-backs to shout-outs. :D) Finn and Rachel as Brad and Janet was fairly predictable, and I wish Kurt could have sung the opening song a la Riff in the film (though obviously it would have to be Santana's lips...), and I really get the impression they only did this because of Artie actually being in a wheelchair and thus having an automatic character - though his acknowledgement of that was equal parts uncomfortable and ironic.

The "Janet! Dr Scott! Janet! Brad! Rocky! Grr!" sequence was funny, and I liked that they played homage to the film with the headshots (with additional commentay from Sue, obviously, and Will stepping in as Brad).

Also: Mercedes as Frank was... odd, but strangely good. As soon as Will suggested Kurt I was like "...WTF?", and I'm glad they didn't go there. He was ideal for Riff - the right build and everything.

As I said before, hopefully this will get enough of the younger generation intrigued by the show and make them watch the original, and with any luck MTV will see sense and abandon their stupid bloody remake idea. I approached this episode of Glee with some trepidation, it has to be said, but I'm quite surprised that they pulled it off. For all the points where it was utterly cringeworthy, it made up with some genius casting.


I think this is my favourite episode now. :)

Also - I'd forgotten how much I enjoy Rocky. BRB listening to soundtrack forever. <3

PS: Looks like the remake is in production for 2012. Boooo. :(
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