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Small Work Annoyance

This was going to form part of one big post, but since the other post is ridiculously huge, I've decided to post it separately...

I had one small work annoyance today that took the form of my being helpful (or trying to be, at least), only to have people either ignore me or not believe me. Anyway, basically, on Friday Demanding had dictated some court-ordered amendments to some social work documents, a care plan and adoption report (aka Rule 29(3) Report). The dictation was quite lengthy. I ended up picking up both jobs, as it transpired.

Yesterday, he attempted to upload a shorter job, except in doing so for some reason his software / device decided to upload the Rule 29 amendments - some 27.17 minutes in length - twice. He alerted me to this fact, then set about re-dictating the short thing again, whilst I sent an email to Senior, Manager and our Winscribe-allocated WPO (it's on her PDR) to ask that the repeated jobs be removed from the list, and also copying in the other WPO's so they could avoid them.

There are several ways you can tell a job is repeated. It will be from a Senior (or someone who has an untethered device) because they've forgotten to click "Remove after Import" when uploading. The length of the repeated job will be precisely the same to the second as the original job. Also the upload time will be exactly the same as whatever new job it's attached itself to, because the untethered devices allow you to store jobs before uploading, if the fee earner forgets to 'remove' it.

The above criteria applied to Demanding's repeated job(s). So, after sending the email above, I picked up the original job from Friday afternoon - let's call it xxx. We'll call the other two yyy and zzz.

Mid-morning today, Moany comes downstairs clutching her notepad, upon which she has put down all three job numbers. She's just picked up job yyy, and is confused because she doesn't know if job xxx has been done already. I inform her that, yes, I did it yesterday.

"Did it start," she asks, "with him saying he doesn't know where the document is?"

"It probably starts with him saying he emailed it to me," I suggest. Demanding never knows where documents are, so Moany's information is not helpful. I also say, "If he's amending a Rule 29, it's been done."

She then wanders off to have another listen and ascertain more information, because "I'd hate to delete it..." because it's so long.

Since the jobs have now been deleted by Senior, as they should have been in the first place this morning (she was off yesterday), I assume Moany was safe in the knowledge that the jobs were in fact the same and thus passed on the message.

Just... ugh, I don't know why I bother. I might as well leave them to their own devices.
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