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Damn You, Fandom Meme!

Thanks to last night's epic post and picspam I couldn't get to sleep thanks to Random Jonathan Creek Thoughts for various fics that I have on the go. (Also I was exceedingly restless for some reason and couldn't get comfortable - I think it's the weather getting slowly warmer.)

It wasn't anything particularly spectacular or ground-breaking or even substantial, really. Just some loose ends that needed tying up in a couple of the episode tags. I am going to make some notes here anyway, so that they don't fall out of my brain.

Of the episode tags, there are some finished, some awaiting commencement (because I'm not quite sure what to do with them but feel as though all of series 3's episodes need tags), and some just teetering on the edge of completion.

So, last night I was briefly re-inspired to do an early series 3 tag. Unfortunately, in order to make the tags work in proper sequence - and make them tie in with the "Black Canary" tag which is the precursor for them in the first place - I need to switch the order of the first two episodes. I'm half convinced that "The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish" and "The Eyes of Tiresias" were meant to be the other way around anyway, at least with my series 3 J/M theory in mind, because in the first episode (Spearfish) they're groping in Maddy's darkened flat, and then in the second episode (Tiresias) they're dating other people. But THEN there's the fact that she's utilising his washing machine in Spearfish, which seems to follow directly on from having to stay with him at the end of "Black Canary" (plus she seems to be wearing his dressing gown at one point.)

I have thought long and hard about how to get around this, but... yeah, it doesn't work. I need a throwaway line out of Spearfish re: Maddy not knowing her father (when everyone thinks she's Jewish), in order to get the Theory off the ground and the tags actually moving, and to continue on from my suppositions!tag from "Black Canary".

I can turn the messy dating scenario of Tiresias into a last ditch attempt to avoid the inevitable. ;) As much as the washing machine / dressing gown stuff does seem a natural(ish) progression from the flat fumigation stuff of BC, it could just as easily fit in if the stories are swapped around...

Um, yes. It was literally a two-second thought which took several hundred words to explain.

The other idea was for the "Three Gamblers" (T3G) tag. I have the two middle bits of this written (post telephone call, and post rescue). The first bit, post gift opening, was the scene which inspired the tags in the first place, and I've re-written it twice without being happy with it, and I had a few thoughts about that last night which weren't dissimilar to the previous versions, just slightly better. The other problem with the T3G tag is that it WILL NOT END, and the reason for that is because it leads into another fic that occurs between series 3 and "Satan's Chimney", and subsequently into the Doomfic (which still needs a title). The two stories are quite intrinsically linked and there is a lot of stuff to get into the T3G tag, and I'm not sure at this juncture if I should split it into two stories or just make it longer than the others. It doesn't help that I've moved the tapas!fic idea from pre-"Omega Man" to the end of T3G because it made more sense in terms of another previous draft for that tag.

Hence why I picked J/M for yesterday's fandom post. I really DO know all their history, but 90% of it is in my head. :P

I'm ALSO considering re-writing the ending of the pre-"Satan's Chimney" angstfic. I had the ending for that perfectly formed in my head, and then I tried to write it. I always have the same problem with JC fics - when it finally comes to the crunch I find myself at a roadblock. The dialogue / idea is sound, but I might change the location of it. Or... I don't know. In a sense the location is ideal (I don't want to mention it because it'll spoil it for Eni, assuming I get as far as typing it up to show her), but also implausible for what I really want to achieve. I can achieve the same sense of... of abandonment, for want of a better word, in any other location... but I don't know how to pull it off. As I say, the original idea was this perfectly formed scene in my brain, and then I tried to turn it into words and suspension of disbelief kicked in.

SO, I have a bit to work on. Unfortunately the bloody fandom meme posts are taking so long that I don't have time for anything else.

And I need to work on today's whilst I'm at work again, because it's another long one. ;)

...what did I tell you? ALWAYS FEBRUARY when this happens. It will now continue for the rest of the month and some of March before I dry up again. I don't understand it and I can't explain it, but it's the best I can hope for lately so I shan't complain.

Work irritation to post also, but that can wait until tomorrow, as we have a team meeting this afternoon and doubtless there will be more to add. :P
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