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Fandom for February: Day Ten

I'm so glad today is a short one. And also very apt. :P

Day 10: A Ship That Makes You Fall Asleep

I'm taking that to mean a pairing which was boring. In which case:-

Ross and Rachel from Friends.

Okay. So I used to like this pairing, up until about halfway through the show's epic run. I can remember that famous beach-house episode (with Ross's bald girlfriend) vividly, as well as the Ross/Rachel cliffhanger that ensued. (Plus that double-bill has one of my favourite Rossisms ever: "Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E means YOU ARE; Y-O-U-R means YOUR!") I had/have three pairings for Friends and will mention the other two in this meme later. Ross/Rachel was my first, or at least the first one I properly acknowledged.

I think I went for it because it was there. I did feel it for a while, I know that. But I think that's because of how it was written and portrayed to the audience. There's a lot of history to them, and for the first few seasons it was entertaining to watch the chase and keep reliving the anticipation of whether they'd get together / stay together. I mean, "WE WERE ON A BREAK!" has gone down in history now, and that was a classic Ross/Rachel moment. It definitely captured the public's consciousness.

Picture source: Square Eyes

I dunno, it got boring. I fell out of Friends at some point around season 8 (although I do seem to have seen it all because I recognise and remember every episode I see on the cable channels) - one of my pairings had already delivered (and also got boring as a result - for some reason they could never keep the momentum going, which was a shame) and the other had disappeared completely. I think that reveals what my other two were. ;) Ross and Rachel just kept on going. And going. And going and going. On again, off again, on again, off again. Every single year. And yeah, it was endgame, and that was quite satisfying. The final episode is brilliant; the final scene of that episode is amazing. I can appreciate that. I just think they dragged it out for too long. That final moment was only satisfying because it had finally bloody well ended. :P

That being said, Friends is a phenomenon that cannot be explained. The fact that it's still as watchable today as it was 15 odd years ago says an awful lot, I think.

Okay. I think I will go to bed early and attempt to get some of my various JC thoughts tidied up / written down. Unless I type any of them up in the meantime, of course. ;)
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