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Fandom for February: Day Twelve

Not much else to discuss today, except that I am now not at work until Thursday, WOO!

Day 12: A Ship From A Show / Book / Movie You Hate

Okay, I did kind of cheat with this one...

Spock and Uhura from Star Trek (2009).

To explain: even though I was an avid fan of both Voyager and Deep Space Nine, I never really got into the original series nor The Next Generation (TOS and TNG respectively). As a result I also never really watched any of the films, because they were TOS / TNG-centric (or both, that one time!). Also, Enterprise was frelling awful, and notoriously killed the franchise.

In 2009, however, the JJ Abrams "reboot" film appeared. I wanted to see this at the cinema, in fact, and never quite got around to doing so, mostly because Paul isn't really a Trek fan. We did get to see it eventually, I think when we rented it from Blockbuster. That film? BLEW. ME. AWAY. I love love love the reboot, so so much, and seriously can't wait for the new one, whenever it may be. The reboot is pre-TOS and has, aside from sticking to a lot of the commonly-known canon and mythology (and in-jokes), brought entirely new levels into the story.

One of the things which came out of this movie, which was not in TOS, is the Spock/Uhura ship. TOS, famously, aired the first televised inter-racial kiss between Uhura and Kirk, but that wasn't really a 'ship. Obviously, because... well, he's Captain Kirk, right? :P

I wasn't expecting to love the film as much as I did (after being disappointed with Enterprise, and also the ending of Voyager before that), and nor was I expecting there to be a 'ship. The film starts by hinting at Uhura/Kirk but it's completely unrequited. Then we find out why it's unrequited, and, I dunno, the way they wrote it in just worked. It didn't seem at all forced. It's actually more fun to watch the film the second time around with that 'ship in mind, because it makes an earlier scene between Spock and Uhura much more interesting.

Picture source: Shadow and Act

Picture source: TrekMovie.Com

These two shots are both from the same scene, right after Vulcan is destroyed (another brave move in the new film). There is a lot of emphasis in the film on Spock's half-human status, and the fact that even though he CAN show emotion, he WON'T. So Uhura does it for him. It's adorable.

I am extra excited for the / a next film now because I think this ship is going to eat my brain. I haven't got that into it yet, in the sense of going to find fanfic - though to be honest, it may only be another re-watch away ;) - but I do really enjoy it.

I cheated on today's answer because I can't have a ship in something I hate. My choice was going to be Erik/Giry, which was the ONLY good thing to come out of the 2004 POTO movie, but I don't like it enough to warrant posting about it... so yeah, slightly cheaty today, but the sentiment is there. :)

That's that. I am readying a rock to hide under for tomorrow's post...
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