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Update on various stuff

I have fallen quite far behind on my Fandom for February posts. I will do an update later incorporating days 13 and 14, as they're both quite small, and then attempt to catch up with the rest over the course of the week. I think days 17 and 19 are both going to be quite lengthy, but there are some less wordy pairings as well. To be honest, it's probably going to run over into March anyway.

For now, here's a general update.

I've been off work for three days this week, using up the remainder of my annual leave. It does mean I have to work today and tomorrow, as I didn't have enough flex for a whole week; on the plus side, at least it's only a two-day week before the weekend rolls around again.

The weekend was uneventful, as far as I can remember. We did an experimental tea of roast pork wrapped in mushroom and sausagemeat stuffing and puff pastry, which was Paul's choice from the most recently-bought book. He didn't actually like it that much in the end (or at least not enough to have it twice). :P We did get a good deal at the butcher, though. The recipe called for 800g of pork loin; pork loin is expensive and we would have needed about three of them to make up the weight, costing around £18! So instead the butcher gave us a cut that he was using to make chops, for about a third of the price, and threw in the ribs and fat (for scratchings) on top - bargain! It was slow roasted so came out tender anyway. I think sometimes people create recipes without thinking about how to achieve them in the real world on a real budget...

In the morning Paul also bought me some jewellery from Cinderella, the lovely little Chinese shop in Kings Heath which sells amazing handbags, hats, scarves and other stuff. There was a set I really liked in the window but in the end I opted for a nice turquoise necklace and earrings set. The one in the window was quite long and would probably have gotten lost in my increasingly ample cleavage. Um... yeah. This is why I need to lose weight (aside from the fact only 20% of my clothes still fit). :P

Sunday I think we did nothing. I had a migraine on both days so that effectively called off play on most things.

Monday was Valetine's Day, so we had a relaxed day. We got up and wrote cards in separate rooms (disorganisation FTW) and then I cooked Paul's breakfast - a fry-up with heart-shaped eggs, bread and sausage, plus sundries (black pudding, tomatoes, bacon). I'll post a photograph later. There was plenty of sausagemeat left over from Saturday's dinner so I flattened it between some greaseproof paper and cut out a heart shape - and then used the remainder to make myself a home-style McMuffin, complete with cheese but minus the egg. :D

We went into Birmingham afterwards, via Burton in Kings Heath so that I could buy Paul a Valentine's Day present. He ended up with two t-shirts and a beanie hat. We went to Supercuts so he could get a haircut, then to Shakes, the milkshake bar which is next door to my office. I will be going there again to try one of their various hot chocolate flavours. We had a bit of a look in Oasis at the coats, so I can buy one for next winter when I have a bit more money (the one I want is just under £100 so it'll have to wait).

In the evening we went to Blue Ginger, a Malaysian / Singaporean restaurant just off the high street. We shared a mixed platter to start, which comprised chicken satay, spiced fish paté and "five spice rolls", which were AMAZING. I had the Singapore chicken curry (a bit like a korma but slightly hotter) and Paul had the slow-cooked pork, which he felt was a bit dry but which I will definitely be ordering next time. We shared a bottle of rosé champagne which was delicious and more than worth the £15 we paid for it - in fact we were expecting it to be twice as much.

On getting back we sat and watched Aladdin, as it had been a while. And that was it, really.

Tuesday involved cleaning the oven. JOY. I left Paul to finish it off whilst I went to choir, which was... somewhat frustrating towards the end, but mostly okay. If this Bach ever comes together it'll be a miracle. Chris has now given me a copy of it on CD so I'll try and listen to it this weekend with the music in front of me, and get around to notating it finally so I know the parts where I'm meant to sing first rather than second (confusing much, dear Johanns?)

Wednesday involved Paul playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii for a solid eight hours (more or less; I did have a few gos in between) and me spending a couple of hours attempting to clean the glass in the oven door. Cillit Bang didn't work on it, so eventually I resorted to using the blade that came with the oven door glue. It took a bit of elbow grease, and there are still a few small spots that I missed, but it hasn't looked that clean since we first got it! In any case, it is no longer orange and we can actually see inside it now. Must remember to clean it regularly to avoid having to do that again.

I then spent another three hours or so prepping and making dinner, a red pepper soup with garlic croutons. If I never have to peel another tomato again it will be too soon. Seriously - 13 tomatoes peeled and deseeded, and my hands went all wrinkly. Also raw tomatoes smell horribly similar to raw pumpkin after a while. It was very nice, though, and obviously there's plenty left for lunch today.

So, back at work today. Due to some late nights this week (and late mornings), I had coffee this morning out of sheer habit, forgetting that in fact I've not had any in a week. I have fun jitters as a result (hence the icon). Just as well really as there is a backlog in the typing, and apparently whilst I was off the toilets were flooded, only to be back in service yesterday. Talk about good timing. :)

I think that'll do for now. Much work to do, can't waste time writing LJ entries. ;)

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to commoncomitatus. We will try and find time to come up and visit you, if the birthdays in March ever let up... at which point you will receive a belated card and some variety of present, as I am horribly disorganised.
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