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Fandom for February: Days Fifteen and Sixteen

Here's an interesting quandary for you: when I came back to work on Thursday after three days of leave, the work was two days behind and there were about 35-40 items in Winscribe awaiting transcription. This morning we were well within the 24-hour turnaround and there were seven items. It doesn't take a genius to work out what happened there. :P

Actually, I need to do a separate post about a related annoyance which cropped up during the course of writing this entry... Not sure when as this fandom catch-up is eating my life.

Aaaanyway, I'm still catching up on the fandom meme, so here we go.

Day 15 - A Ship That You Relate To

This might not seem an obvious choice...

Monica and Chandler from Friends.

Okay, so remember when Friends first started back in the 90s, and everyone had a Friend they wanted to be when they grew up? I wanted to be Phoebe, the cool, crazy hippy with awesome dress sense. Obviously all the teenage fashionistas wanted to be Rachel. I did have a 'Rachel' haircut once, but it only stayed straight for a day. They hadn't invented GHD straighteners in those days, and even hairdressers had trouble fighting my disobedient locks...

It transpired I turned into bloody Monica. The control freak. The never-good-enough sibling. I'd wager she was nobody's first choice. :P

The more repeats I watch, the more painfully obvious it is. I can cook, I'm horribly competitive, and even though I'm not as obsessive-compulsive about cleaning and tidiness as she is, it is only a matter of time. If my CD's or DVD's or books are out of place on a shelf, it makes me twitch. And yes, if you broke my good china I would probably kill you with my death glare... if I had any good china, that is.

Paul gets a brilliant deal out of this, because he ends up as Chandler. So he gets to be the cool Friend out of the three boys. :P

On the plus side, it does mean that I get the best apartment. ;)

Picture source: FanForum

I did used to like this pairing, actually. I can remember for a while toying with Phoebe/Chandler, but that was short-lived. I first noticed Monica/Chandler (Mondler, I believe they're called) in the episode where Ross's baby is born, and Monica gets all broody at the hospital so Chandler gives her a hug (picture above). I think that was season 1 or 2 (they all start to merge after a while), and nothing really came of it until the infamous London wedding episode. I said already on the Ross/Rachel post that once pairings actually delivered in Friends they tended to get boring, and the same was also true of Mondler.

Picture source: Wikia

Anyway, I liked this pairing before it was cool, so ner.

Day 16 - A Ship That You Used To Love But Now Hate

This is the last of the pairings from this fandom. Thank goodness. :P

B'elanna Torres and Tom Paris from Star Trek: Voyager

My latter hatred of this pairing also unfortunately stems from the heinous crime that was Chakotay/Seven, as mentioned on Day Two. Even though it wasn't a direct victim, as such, the end result was that after effectively killing off Janeway/Chakotay and Doc/Seven, the remaining [male] writers only had one canon pairing to deal with. I think the fact that they are male actually explains a lot. Men simply don't get this stuff, as proven quite adequately by Charlie Brooker in his latest episode of How TV Ruined Your Life (see discussion in the previous fandom post's comment tennis for more) - or at the very least, men in pure science fiction don't (I count Farscape as being more about the drama than the sci-fi, as it's essentially a soap opera in space. :P) I presume they simply couldn't deal with the fact they had three pairings on the go - two potential and one already established - so stuck with the one that involved the least work. :P

In the early days of the series I did used to like this pairing. I remember liking it quite a lot, in fact. It was fun watching Tom chase B'elanna, and her try to avoid him as long as possible. I still liked it a little bit even after they'd got together and got married, and some of the half-Klingon pregnancy hormones stuff was funny... but once it was the only pairing left worth caring about, somehow it felt like the writers were compensating for screwing us over by thrusting Paris/Torres at us like a petulant child. "HERE'S A 'SHIP FOR YOU! HAPPY NOW?"

And yeah, I understand that they were a popular pairing amongst the fans. Doc/Seven shippers were actually a very small percentage of the fandom (most people seemed to prefer Seven/Kim, and some people even liked Chakotay/Seven for whatever ungodly reason), but Janeway/Chakotay and Paris/Torres fans made up the majority. I think that to assume Berman and Braga knew this is crediting them with more grasp on the fandom than they had; if Paris/Torres hadn't already been well-established when Jeri Taylor left, I'm absolutely convinced they would have found a way to scratch that relationship out, too, just to avoid having to write about Boring Emotional Stuff when they could be giving us Exciting Temporal Anomalies (yawn).

Here’s a picture from “Bride of Chaotica” again because it’s still one of my favourite episodes (and is pretty much the only picture I can find (a) of both of them; and (b) where they’re not snogging).

Picture source: A broken Tumblr account

So yeah. It went from somewhat entertaining to deathly boring over the course of the show's seven-year run, until all the emotional focus shone solely on Tom/B'elanna to the detriment of anything else. It's really a shame; the pairing did have a lot of potential, and if they hadn't been so quick to rush into things with it, I might have stuck with it and had something to look forward to after my main pairings broke down. Unfortunately, I could only ever see it as a booby prize.

I was meant to post this last night but we had Alex and Dina over for dinner - Paul cooked spicy peanut soup (which sounded weird but was delicious) and I did a blue cheese, mushroom and butternut squash risotto. We should be going to see Matthew Bourn's Cinderella ballet night (it's set in the Blitz apparently!) as my mum and David are too ill to go, so we're just waiting on them to pop the tickets through the door.

The plan for the fandom catch-up is: Day 17 this evening if I get chance, as it's long. Days 18 and 19 over the course of tomorrow, as 19 is long. Day 20 on Monday as it's long. The days 21 and 22 on Tuesday as they should hopefully be short, and then I'm caught up. In theory, anyway. :P
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