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So much for my best laid plan for fandom post catch-up. Ah well. I'll just have to stay behind. I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to keep the momentum going - I'm actually surprised I lasted as long as I did. :P

I promised a work annoyance the last time I posted, in relation to the fact that I'd cleared the backlog on my return to work on Thursday. Before that, though, I can't remember if I've mentioned it yet, but they're planning to move all the WPO's on to the second floor. It transpires they've drawn names out of a hat; the only desk allocation we know of is that Forgetful is going to be in the desk opposite mine. She's even put a little sign on it to say so. OH, GOOD.

Anyway, in relation to the backlog clearance...

On Thursday, Noor ended up stuck at work until quarter-to-six (for apparently the third time that week), doing a ridiculously over-complicated amendment from Corrections, the Employment Senior. She has this annoying habit of dictating very long bundle indexes / lists of documents, which wouldn't be quite so bad, except she dictates them in smaller sections and thus we end up with three or four different people typing them up, and several different documents which need to be consolidated into one. This results in extra work which takes longer than it should because nobody understands the bloody concept of automatic numbering in tables (seriously, IT'S NOT THAT HARD), and random documents cluttering up the IKEN history which nobody wants. It would be easier if (a) she dictated it in one long go (except if it's over 30 minutes no-one can open it because Winscribe is stupid sometimes), (b) she didn't bloody well correct herself every five minutes and take up precious dictation time, or (c) she waited for the first bit of dictation to come back so that she could just tell us the document number to carry on with. But obviously it's easier to shoot off random bits of dictation and get some poor sod to stick it all together.

So anyway, Noor got lumbered with consolidating said documents. Thankfully this time there were only two documents to consolidate, but it was still a messy job because the columns were different widths, the numbering wasn't automatic, she wanted stuff moved, etc. I spent 15 minutes helping Noor with the numbering before I went at 5.15.

So yes. As I mentioned, by Friday morning the typing in Wincribe had gone from 35 items down to seven, and from two days overdue to back in timescales. Bearing in mind there were also loads of urgents on Thursday as well, I thought this was quite impressive. I didn't expect gratitude, obviously, but I felt good about myself.

After we'd noticed the little sign on Forgetful's allocated desk on Friday, Noor went upstairs to find out if anyone else was willing to reveal where they were going to sit, as at that point we didn't know if she'd allocated the desk to herself or not. :P It transpired they've drawn names out of a hat, presumably to save on arguments; at this juncture I know full well it's going to be a nightmare of organisation, and that my working life is going to be a lot less peaceful, but as long as they don't try and move Noor and I AGAIN (twice in 12 months is more than enough, thank you) I really don't care.

Whilst Noor was upstairs learning this information, Moany was moaning (of course) that there wasn't any work to do, as it was quiet on Friday. She said to Noor that she shouln't have stayed late on Thursday because now there was nothing to do.


Firstly, Noor stayed late doing ONE THING, which took all evening.

Secondly, I cleared that backlog. I can guarantee if I had not, and if Noor had not ended up staying late to do the horrid amendment, Moany would be moaning that there was too much to do and that no-one had stayed late to help clear it. Seriously, I cannot win. Paul says I shouldn't have bothered, and that I shouldn't in future, but I'm not the kind of person who can look at a pile of work which is out of date and think, "Fuck it"; rather, I will do my damnedest to help make that pile manageable again. Is that wrong? Moany would have you believe so.

I am dreading the imminent floor move so much it's not even funny. I can just about cope working with these people when I don't have to sit with them or talk to them regularly. They're going to be on my floor invading my harmony and upsetting my fee earners, whom they don't like because they are "anti-social" and don't dictate properly (because they're used to Noor and I having the initiative to find information rather than rely on everything being literally spelled out).


Oh, and here's an extra, unrelated stupidity from Thursday...

Back in January I ordered an embroidery kit from Readicut, which I believe I mentioned. I received it, then after some Google searching discovered a photograph of the finished product (rather than the painting it was based on, which appeared everywhere else) and was disappointed that it wasn't as detailed as the catalogue implied, so opted to send it back for an exchange.

I checked their returns policy on the website, which advised me to send it back recorded delivery (a bit cheeky considering they send stuff out second class!) to a specified address, with the form filled in stating my reasons for returning, etc. I filled out the form, including the item I was exchanging it for AND my debit card details as the new product was slightly more expensive.

I gave them ample time to sent out the new one, but last week realised it had been over a month so decided to email them.

For starters, their online form didn't work, so my carefully constructed query (with dates, etc) didn't go through. So I had no option but to ring them up. Thankfully the girl in Customer Services was incredibly helpful.

Basically, even though they ask you to send the form to their Returns depot, that address is actually different to their Customer Relations building. When she checked the order it said it had been received but payment was pending so they couldn't send it out.

Firstly - an email to that effect would have been nice!

Secondly - why on earth do your two departments not communicate with each other?? I think I repeated about three times, "But I've sent you my card details, they're on the returns form", only to be advised that it was a different office and they hadn't received them. In the end she just took the card details over the phone and now it's going to be sent out.

WTF? Seriously, TALK TO EACH OTHER. And don't send out a helpful returns form for your customers to fill out if that form will never get to the correct people!

Absolutely unbelievable. But at least it should be turning up shortly, not that I'll get to sew it any time soon. ;)

ALSO ALSO, a while ago I mentioned a film I was trying to find from my childhood. Or rather, I could only remember the last five minutes because they were on the end of a video. I found it last night!

I had remembered it as being on the end of Mary Poppins. It turns out my intuition on that front was half-right. For some reason I'd got it into my head on Saturday to watch The Three Lives of Thomasina, an earlier Disney film, which stars the same two children as Mary Poppins. I think my mum must have taped this for herself (as her own childhood memory) because the film in question was actually after Thomasina, only to have Willy Wonka taped over it. The reason I remembered it so clearly was because I used to watch Willy Wonka a lot more as a child and thus would fast-forward the tape to that point, and the mysterious badly-dubbed film was thus on the end of it.

SUCH A MASSIVE RELIEF. Again, at least I'm not insane.

It was called Beyond the Dragon's Lair and was made in Romania in 1982. It does indeed involve a man and a woma on a rocky outcrop, though they are both fully clothed (not in loincloths as I remembered), and the man DOES spend the last 20 seconds of the film DRAWING WINGS on a big rock (though he doesn't make them - I think they do fly on them at some point, and I MUST have watched this film all the way through before it was taped over, because Willy Wonka was taped MUCH later than Thomasina.) The wings-drawing part was particularly vivid; also my music memory is much stronger, as I remembered it note for note!

So there you go. Thus far IMDB and Google have not been helpful but I'll investigate further tonight. I'M NOT MAD, HURRAH!

I very much doubt this will be the end of my quest to dig up childhood memories. I'm still waiting on a reliable torrent of A Connecticut Rabbit in King Arthur's Court, the Bugs Bunny cartoon no-one else but me remembers. Seriously, why is my childhood made up of bizarre televisual remembrances? Normal people remember songs. :P
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