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Today is ridiculous. We are a couple of days behind on work thanks to my doing police tapes on Friday (which I already mentioned) and obviously, as a result of that, everyone is making everything urgent so they'll get it back quicker, which is impacting on the non-urgent work, which is now not going anywhere. Considering I've done five urgents in a row this morning, I am now taking a bit of a break to see if anyone else will step in...

In other news: completely by fluke, I appear to have found a deodorant / anti-perspirant that Actually Works. I have been using Sure's super-strong roll-on for about a year or so and it only works properly if I can give it chance to dry / absorb, otherwise it comes straight off again when I put my top on and I've got damp armpits by lunchtime. I had a selection of toiletries for Christmas from Jen&Dave and Lisa and one of them was a Dove set with two shower gels and a mini-aerosol of their 24-hour stuff. AND IT SEEMS TO WORK. I've used it on a few evenings out, i.e. a quick spritz before changing, and it's been successful, so this morning I decided to give it a go for the day.

It's nearly midday - so far, so good.

Maybe the key is that it's an aerosol, so it dries quicker and provides better coverage. I'll buy a full-size canister when my Sure runs out and see what happens... I have always avoided aerosols because they're horrible to my asthma, but if it's a choice between breathing and sweating... ;)

Over the course of typing that I ended up doing a sixth urgent. Now it's nearly midday so I'll be trying to catch up on the backlog whilst everyone else goes to lunch. And Winscribe has just alerted me that there's another urgent in the system. Bloody hell.

Anyway, nothing much else to report...
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