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House-Hunting Update

I don't think I've updated since lamenting the expensiveness of trying to rent a house, but as the position is now somewhat clearer and less jinxable, I can update on matters as they stand currently.

After my last entry I gave up looking in Kings Heath and Moseley and started looking further afield to all of Birmingham, which led me to Oldbury, Bearwood and Halesowen. It transpires that you can rent a nicer house for less money in Oldbury, and at present we have four or five houses lined up to go and look at, only one of which comes under Moseley/Kings Heath. :)

The Moseley/Kings Heath house is the most expensive (obviously) and is only two bedrooms; the three or four in Oldbury (all around the same area and all semi-detached with bay windows and decently-sized kitchens) all come in around £550-£575pcm and have three bedrooms.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself a bit here. It's quite exciting. :)

On Tuesday, Paul had an appointment at the bank to ask about a loan. They'd already offered him a 10K loan by way of letter, but he did some sums and figured out 13K would be enough, which would pay off his other loan which was due to end in 2012 (with the ridiculously small interest rate because we got it on the joint account when I was still a graduate), his overdraft, the money he owed the savings, as well as money for a deposit and furniture.

There was a minor glitch and thus a minor panic to my brain when it turned out the appointment wasn't at the Kings Heath branch, where we live, but the Stirchley branch, where he used to live. Er, obviously, because that's clearly the best place to have it. Anyway, he didn't realise this due to not reading the letter properly and therefore assuming, logically, that it would be at our actual local branch. So he went to the KH branch and then had to traipse all the way to Stirchley.

Thankfully they gave him the loan and now we have money!

So, as I said above, we have a few houses lined up to go and view. I found the Moseley/KH house first off and it was the only one of a decent size in our price range. It has a lovely kitchen and garden but there are a few features Paul doesn't like, such as the fitted storage in the living room. The house we really like is on Pryor Road in Oldbury, which is thankfully on two or three bus routes. It has a through lounge/diner, a big kitchen and a garden with a patio, three bedrooms and a nice bathroom. There's another similar house with a big kitchen (apparently people in Oldbury cook more than Brummies?) but the living room is bright yellow (meh), however it has a lovely window seat with storage, too. The last choice in Oldbury doesn't have any internal photographs on the website, but it's also in a pleasant cul-de-sac and has a lovely triangular feature window.

Obviously, we need to view them all before making a decision, but things as they stand are currently quite exciting. :)

Unfortunately, because last week was unnecessarily stressful (worrying about money, work being exhausting and wanting to MOVE OUT RIGHT NOW), and because Tuesday was an absolute bloody relief, I was off sick on Wednesday with a migraine. Also I'm getting another kidney infection and have been off the coffee since Monday (excepting today because I woke up with a major caffeine hangover and needed coffee like oxygen). Wednesday was really odd, actually; I wrote it off as a migraine even though said migraine didn't actually kick in until the late afternoon - and bloody hell, it really did kick in. Like, standing up, head -swimming-in-pain-and-having-to-lean-on-the-wall kicked in. In actual fact I woke up feeling dog tired with a strange pain behind my right eyeball, and just wanted to go back to sleep. I toyed with going in late for a bit until I realised I simply had no energy anyway, and then had the fiasco of trying to find someone to actually tell I wasn't coming in. Senior is on leave this week and Sue hadn't arrived at work, so I ended up leaving a message with a colleague on the fourth floor who answered her phone.

I felt a bit better yesterday but was still tired. Today I'm okay, other than occasion kidney twinges, and I have only myself to blame for that.

We went to Matalan yesterday to get me some gym clothes. I'm going to Deichmann this afternoon to get new work shoes and new gym trainers, and then I just need a sports bra and I'm all set. Paul and I are going to a summer ball in June so I have a goal / incentive now, to fit into the dresses I already have instead of having to buy a new one. Having something to aim at (aside from my own self-esteem) will help, I think.

Anyway, that's all that's going on at the moment. I will obviously update more as house-viewing progresses. Also, this time we WILL have a house-warming party, as last time we never really got unpacked enough to manage it. ;)
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