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I haven't really talked about season 2 aside from the first episode and the Rocky Horror Glee Show, but I really enjoyed it last night, I think mostly because Sue had some of the best lines ever. My favourite was "Spongehair Squarechin" in reference to Will. Awesome.

I think Will/Sue is on its way to becoming a proper Actual Ship. This was not exactly my intention. I spotted it as a joke back in season 1 and since then the writers seem content to infect my brain with it. Glee has this bizarre tendency to suddenly hurl 'ships at me when I least expect it (Will/Bieste, for example; though now I just think Bieste herself is amazing), and Will/Sue hit my weakspot with a Dance Scene and then proceeded to BE TERRIFYING for several episodes.

I think my 'proper' ship (i.e. not the car crash type) is Puck/Lauren. I like Puck as a character anyway, and I find myself rooting for him where Lauren is concerned and spent last night watching their reactions to each other like I used to do in t'old days. It has potential to be quite adorable. The Rachel/Finn/Quinn/Sam/Santana pentagon is getting a bit boring now, and Will/Emma was too vanilla to start with (even though Emma was obviously far preferable to Terri, who is batshit crazy). Kurt/Blaine is okay but dragging on a bit.

So yeah. Last night there were both my crack!ship and my actual!ship in large doses. As much as I like Sue when she's being evil (though it's borderline liking and wanting to hit her sometimes), I really like Sue when she's acting like a human being, too. In some ways I would prefer if she didn't revert to form at the end of every episode, as she can be very likeable, and when they turn her back into a caricature it tends to jar. Within the space of five minutes' screentime she went from belting out an anthem with the Glee Club to coaching their competition. It's inherent in Sue's nature to use any positive experience as fodder for her Evil Deeds, but only because she's too bloody scared to see it any other way. She attacks the Glee Club because they remind her that the world is not a completely heartless place. That episode with her mother (Carol Burnett FTW) probably explains a lot about why she is how she is...

I enjoyed the Christmas episode because the Glee kids managed to convince Sue that "Christmas is beautiful" (to quote Becky), and she was paramount in ensuring Will didn't spend it on his own, even though she admitted to still hating him. It's a very strange hate/hate dynamic occasionally peppered with sympathy alongside the snark. I probably shouldn't say too much as they were going to be part of my fandom meme, if I ever finish it. (I have until the end of April so I might kill some of it during my time off...)

As for Lauren/Puck, I'm just enjoying the chase at the moment. I like that he's so smitten (in his own way) and that she obviously does like him but wants to test how long he'll hang on. It's cute. :) Also, WTF more words on my crack!ship than my actual!ship?

We're past the halfway point of the season now so I anticipate things will start to get emotional. (Thus far only the wedding episode has made me cry, whereas it was almost every other episode in season 1.)

Aaanyway. It's very quiet here today and obviously it's Tuesday so I'm here until late. Next week will probably be even worse as it's the Easter break. The week after that I care not as I'm on leave anyway. :P

PS: Eni, we did discuss this briefly on Twitter but for clarification, I am off 18th to 21st April (excluding bank holidays) and then again from 3rd to 6th May (again excluding bank holidays), so if you want to arrange a day or two to come down here I can sort out your Secret Birthday Present... seeing as we clearly won't be in the process of moving at that point, I am free all the days... Also if I know your date of arrival I can book the Titanic exhibition at O2 around it. ;)
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