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back again.

okay, so i haven't quite gone yet.

just now as i was leaving the flat, it felt so much like the weather on old school trips, it was scary... i can't explain it. it just WAS that sort of weather... the kind of summer day when we'd all wanted it to be really hot, and it was actually just mildly cold, but sunny and deceptive... or something. reminded me of warwick castle and the black country museum trips from primary school...

i think that's pretty much all i was going to say. have packed. in the corner of my room now stands:

~ a suitcase with clothes in it, minus one pair of socks that i found lurking under the radiator.
~ a kookai record bag containing my fanfic folder, a few CDs, and my discs, and the books i'm going to endeavour to read before i come back in two weeks so i can actually start my 20th century fiction coursework ("orlando", "love on the dole", "kehinde" for that, and "harry potter and the philosopher's stone", which i still haven't finished...)
~ shawn the sheep, containing various items like medication, nail varnish, perfume, etc.
~ animal, containing slippers and my pencil case.
~ the ikea bag that tripped me up, containing my folder, an A4 pad, my first aid box, and the pair of socks that aren't in the case.
~ a shelley's shoes bag containing, um, shoes.
~ a greenish storage box containing gloves and tights and things
~ a carrier bag containing a pair of jeans and bits of fabric with which i shall make the jeans greebo-ified :}
~ jewellery box
~ makeup box

and that's it. it WILL all fit in the car...

and... now i'm going. again.
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