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More Embroidery Scans

Three more today before I carry on with it this afternoon.

There were so little stitches involved in these next few stages that you probably can't tell the difference...

These two were filling in the bricks on the left with lighter shades of brown.

This was actually taken after three colours as the first two were so small as not to make that much difference. The two smaller trees under the window have been filled in.

Now I just have some stuff to do down the bottom (flowers, mostly) to fill in the gaps, and then the two main areas of detail in the window and the negative space. ;) I might actually finish this before the summer!!

In other news, yesterday I made my own butter using a trick I learned on Jamie's 30 Minute Meals. You put some double (or single) cream into a food processor with a whisk attachment and basically over-whisk it until it separates, then strain off the liquid. Simples, as they say. :) It tastes a bit creamy (obviously), but on bread you really can't tell the difference. For a first attempt it wasn' t bad, anyway...
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