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Lots and lots of embroidery pics...

I have been stupidly productive on this since realising how close I am to finishing it. With any luck I'll get it completely done during my week off in May. :)

I cheated here; this is actually two shades. There are small pink flowers down the bottom but the pale pink was so tiny as to be insignificant.

This is an awful photo and you can't really tell (and I have no idea why I bothered!) but there's some dark purple bits down the bottom as well. Just a few dots here and there.

This was the final shade of greeny-yellow in the foliage down the bottom... except for one bit that I missed which is on the next picture. :P

Working on the window frame...

Same again, a bit darker around the edges.

The open window starting to take shape.

And again, the open window.

Once again this is two shades of blue, as the darkest one was insignificant.

And some more blue. The curtains are starting to form...!

That's more than enough for now, and the product of a weekend's work so there's quite a lot.

On Sunday it was not only Easter but my grandmother's birthday, so we had invited her and my uncle over for dinner. They were due to arrive at 1.00, for lunch at 2.00, which Paul figured would be ample time considering they're always late. I managed to time lunch for 2.20 to give them plenty of time, and they were, indeed, an hour late. Just as we were trying to decide what to do for the best (finish cooking all the roasted stuff, keep it warm and then do the pans of veg when they arrived), they rang the bell.

I also made a summer fruits pavlova for dessert, which I thought was very impressive considering it was my first attempt:-

It came out of the oven perfect, but started to cave in under the pressure of the whipped cream and fruit - also I have no clue how you're supposed to achieve a "light dusting" of icing sugar because it goes everywhere. :P Still, it was very nice indeed.

Nowt else to report. Back at work tomorrow, but thankfully only for three days. Bit of a busy weekend, including (hopefully) a barbecue on Friday at my mum's if the weather holds out, and then the Bach concert in Worcester on Saturday. And then another week off, huzzah!

Right, going to sign this one off now as I have hiccups. Bah.
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