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I had a week off and did nothing, as usual. I hate that work saps my energy to the degree that my time-off productivity is scuppered. :P (Although given we were house-hunting for most of the earlier week, it's hardly surprising.)

Er... I'll start with the bank holiday / Royal Wedding. I got up late that day, and watched the Giles+Sue Royal Wedding episode on Replay, having missed it the night before as Paul had friends over for a games night again (this time I made a chilli and they all had seconds!) It was a little disappointing, if I'm honest; judging by Giles's tweets on Thursday during the airing of the show, the Beeb edited out all the best bits and most of his edgy royalty-themed jokes (not to mention all the drunken snogging). It ran to a total of 49 minutes so the very least they could have done was made it a full hour. The BBC seem to be very good at spotting controversy and stomping on it before it becomes an epidemic, and one suspects they've become aware of the growing breed of Giles/Sue shippers and decided they don't want to encourage that sort of thing. Boo to you, BBC.

Anyway, as for the actual Royal Wedding itself, I hadn't intended on watching, but after finishing the Giles+Sue thing Wills and Kate were midway through the ceremony and I found the whole spectacle oddly compelling. Paul and I were going to go out shopping and I made him hang on for ten minutes for "the balcony scene" because I got so caught up in the moment. :) I'm not a royalist or anything, I just find all the traditional pomp and ceremony so wonderfully British. There was a genuine sense that the crowds were peaceful, too, (no surging forward or pushing or violence) which was lovely to watch.

On Sunday we went to Earlswood and then Becketts Farm Shop with Lisa, followed by Thai-style chicken in the slow cooker. We then accidentally managed to upset Lisa because we mentioned that we were having the chicken for tea and offered her some, though didn't make any concrete plans as to times, etc, and when Paul took her down the leftovers on Monday morning she had apparently been expecting it the night before and was pissed off. It subsequently transpired that she has a lot of crap going on in her life at present and was not directly pissed off with us, and our forgetfulness had merely been an additional annoyance...

I then spent the week not doing anything (including not going to choir on Tuesday as I was feeling demotivated and meh, even though we're now doing Carmina Burana). However, we finally got around to joining the gym after four months of procrastination, and booked an induction session for Thursday evening.

About five minutes after doing so I then remembered that was the day I'd allocated for Eni's belated birthday "mystery trip" (thanks to rubbish opening hours and it being the only plausible day), so had to email her to cancel. Hopefully I will be able to get some time off in June and we can actually meet up. Though, given her good first impression of Derby I may suggest a meet-up there instead, as it's been a few years since I went back for a visit... :)

So on Thursday we went for our gym induction, which was run by one of the personal trainers, Samson. He showed us how various equipment worked and we signed up for a free taster session, then had a go on the treadmill and bikes for 15 minutes or so before heading home again. We had dinner at Pizza Hut (and subsequently need to get out of the habit of following gym sessions with junk food) and managed to miss the voting deadline, though I very much doubt our two "Yes" votes would have made any difference to that depressingly overwhelming "No" majority. :(

Friday was yet more of nothing. On Saturday we went to view another house, this time on our road (number 62 so literally across the road). It was the strangest viewing so far, in that there were about eight people crammed in the house for the one timeslot. We immediately made a beeline for the kitchen as that's our major "selling point", for want of a better word, and it was (of course) disappointing. The house itself was a four-bed going for £600pcm, and the weird thing about our road is that the interior layout of the terraces changes every four houses or so. If it had been laid out like our flat, i.e. with our lounge, bedroom and kitchen being three bedrooms and the attic room being the fourth, that would have been better, but instead they'd crammed four bedrooms into the first floor along with the bathroom, with the attic just as an attic. The kitchen was massive, but the actual kitchen area was shoved onto the back wall and had less bloody counters than ours does now.

The agent said the carpets were being replaced and the kitchen was being redecorated, but on questioning the decorator we established the cabinets / counters were not being replaced and decreed it a write-off. It was pretty grim, to be honest. I dislike exposed boiler pipes, for one, and the cabinets and counters were cheap-looking, with barely any cupboard space. It was almost tempting to ask that they knock £50 off the rent and we'd gut the kitchen ourselves, but I don't want that kind of work when I'm only renting (the entire point is that someone's done all the hard work for you). It was a shame, because Paul had got all excited about it because of the location and the potential it could have layout-wise, and the agent (Heritage) have loads of houses for sale on the road which are beautifully renovated on the inside. Apparently they care very little for their rental customers, however, which is unfortunately a trend we're finding everywhere. A lot of landlords really do not give a shit so long as they can rent their property out to someone, but considering the amount of bloody awful houses that have been sitting on rightmove for months, you'd think they'd realise nobody wants to live in their grubby, falling-apart properties, even when they're desperate. :P

Next on the list is a house on Abbey Road in Bearwood (near Warley Woods) which has a beautiful kitchen and properly refurbished rooms, going for £650pcm. At this juncture I'm willing to pay the extra £50 just for a decent kitchen, and we can only hope to get in early enough not to lose it. (I have a good feeling about this one and we saw how far that got me before. :P) I have no clue how you're supposed to do this when you work full time and the bastard agents only work nine-to-five, and I'm sick of losing nice houses to unemployed dolescum or whoever the bloody hell keeps usurping us. If I had infinite leave at my disposal it would be fine. Also I am now sticking to the "no internal photographs = no viewing" rule as all of them in that criteria thus far have been unsuccessful and my theory of there being no internal photos for a reason is proving true. :P

In the meantime we have another gym session tonight and again Wednesday, followed by another hour of abuse by the personal trainer again on Saturday. Yesterday I was in six million different types of pain (I have muscles in my waist apparently!) and today it's moved from my shoulders / arms to my hips and legs, so at least it's working? No pain, no gain, as they say, but I actually couldn't move yesterday. It will be worth it to drop a dress size. It will. *mantra*

So that's about it. I haven't finished my embroidery as anticipated because I've been working on a tapestry whilst slobbing around to daytime television, and as ever I didn't even watch any of the DVD's I intended to. Apparently apathy infects everything I do lately, even things I want to do. Bah. Anyway, fingers crossed on (a) house-viewing and (b) the gym not killing me, and I shall doubtless update in both regards at some point in the near future.
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