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Bit of an update, as it's quiet today...

I am still trying to get myself organised around gym attendance, as it seems to be eating a lot of my time. Not having a tumble-dryer is also proving a major issue at the moment because I am having to do small loads of post-gym washing and my actual laundry is piling up. As soon as we get a house I'm buying a dryer.

We went to see flatline2010 in Return to the Forbidden Planet on Friday night, which was quite entertaining. The hunt for food afterwards took us to the only curry house we could find in Kings Heath that was still open past 11.00pm, namely Spice Merchant. The meal was lovely, mind you, so I'll probably be ordering from them next time.

The weekend was quite hectic. In the morning I had a rehearsal (9.30 to 12.30) because the Birmingham Schools Symphony Orchestra wanted an extra rehearsal of Carmina Burana with the choir ahead of the concert this weekend. That was quite enjoyable (it's the first time we've sung it properly all the way through) and the final couple of movements filled me full of adrenaline. I got back to find Paul in a grumpy mood because we had to go to the gym later. :P

We had our hour of personal training at 3.00pm, which seemed a little easier than last time. He had us doing lots of step-up type exercises and some weights machines, plus treadmill to warm up (two minutes of jogging about killed me) and the bikes to cool down, by which point I was knackered.

We went to my mum's for tea afterwards and they took us to see their massive allotment and six chickens (!), which was nice. We had a casserole for dinner where they made us guess the meat - not in a sinister way, I should point out, but because it was venison and springbok! I guessed the venison (it's slightly bitterer than beef) but was stumped on the other. Both were very nice, though.

We ended the evening watching Britain's Got Talent (and Britain's Got More Talent) and the final half-hour of Eurovision, then went to bed. By this point the pain had started to kick in anyway.

Sunday I could not walk. Well, I could, but it was difficult. Going down stairs was the worst thing. We headed home earlyish and I spent the day on the sofa not doing anything.

It took my legs three days to recover from whatever Samson (the personal trainer) had done to me on Saturday - for Monday and Tuesday I could still not walk very well (my back leg kept buckling so I was sort of waddling around) but thankfully yesterday was better. We were supposed to go to the gym again on Monday but thanks to my balance being frelled I decided not to bother, so Paul went on his own. We both went again last night and completed our programme cards plus some additional stuff, and things are already becoming easier, which can only be a good thing. We have to do ten minutes on the treadmill and I've started including the two minutes jogging that Samson made me do on Saturday, which I could feel woring at the back of my legs.

In any case, we have until September to get in shape, as that's when we're supposed to be going on holiday... I need to book the leave for that as soon as Paul's has refreshed so I know the days are there.

We have our next personal training session tonight, moved from Saturday because I have a rehearsal at 2.30. I think tomorrow might be somewhat painful... On the plus side, there are birthday drinkies after work as a colleague has just turned 50. :)

Also on Saturday morning we're going to view the Abbey Road house, which I'm hoping is The One. I am remaining calm and not getting over-excited because, well, I don't want to jinx it. It's at the very upper end of our budget at £650pcm, but as I've already stated (I think?), I'm reaching the point where I'm willing to pay the extra £50 just for a nice kitchen. Abbey Road has a lovely kitchen (integrated dishwasher! five-ring hob!), is well-presented and fronts onto Warley Woods. I know those houses are expensive to buy because of their sheer location. Bearwood has lots of amenities also, and good transport links (the house is on a bus route), plus it's close to my mum's. I am crossing everything. We've been waiting nearly two weeks to actually see it thanks to the agent being booked (it's the agent who Judges You, as I already mentioned) so with any luck (a) we will like it in person and (b) they will deem us worthy. :P

The next bit may be TMI - I shall break it with horizontal lines in case you want to ignore it and are squicked by female-type issues. :P

I should also mention that I stopped taking my pills (as in my "The Pill" pills), purely because I ran out of them and didn't have time to make a GP appointment to refresh the prescription. I still do need to make an appointment, but actually it's because since not taking them I've been feeling saner and less paranoid. I had become reliant on the fact that they were controlling my brain chemistry in a positive way (which was one of the reasons I continued to take them) and was starting to worry lately that I was going crazy (house-hunting angst aside). It turns out my brain chemistry has actually changed on its own and the additional hormones have been turning me loopy.

I want to see my GP anyway because I think I need to monitor this (I am a little scared of having a 2005-esque relapse), but the many downsides of the Pill outweigh the one positive effect of being babyless. They make me put on weight, my boobs will NOT STOP GROWING (I've gone from a B to DD in the space of four years, which I'm certain is not normal when you yourself have reached your final adult size...), and they absolutely destroy my libido. I am actually convinced that's how they work, and it's nothing at all to do with hormones or whatever else.

The Cerazette are (were) better than the Microgynon that I was originally taking because I haven't had a period since February 2009. That isn't an exaggeration. The Microgynon succeeded in making me regular as clockwork BUT I still had all the PMT, which the Cerazette has also eradicated.

The thing is, the Microgynon made my suicidal/homicidal PMT tendencies manageable. At one point before going onto the Pill I had 72 days between periods and basically spent that entire time battling against ever-increasing PMT, to enjoy one day of insane hyperactivity before it started all over again. In fact, I think that was the point where I thought, "Enough is enough" and went to the GP about it.

I feel oddly liberated for not taking them since last Tuesday. :P (And, just for the record, I took my last pill on that day after a couple of days without, and I was moody and paranoid and black-cloudified for that entire day, and fine again by Thursday... I don't know how much is psychosomatic but it's definitely interesting.)

However, I am sensible enough to know that I can't just make that sort of drastic change without keeping an eye on things. I'm a little bit wary of what my insides are doing (I can only predict a period from PMT as I get the pains on the day it starts, rather than before) and would rather my GP is aware, just in case. I am obviously aware that there are other (female) contraceptive options besides daily tablets, but they all work on the same hormone-based principle and I don't think something like an injection or coil would be any different.

Besides which, I made myself a PMT icon ages ago and have actually never used it. :D

You can come out now...

Okaaay, I do believe that's everything.

Whilst I'm outside of the LJ-cut I'll mention that my choir is doing Carmina Burana this Saturday at Symphony Hall (along with The Pines of Rome) at 7.30pm, if anyone is interested. I think tickets are about £16 or so. Paul is booking tickets shortly so let me know...

Also: YAY PIRATES 4!!! Hopefully seeing it at IMAX very soon so I shall review ASAP. (Why, hello, 60-ft-3D-Pirate!Depp... *drools)

Over and out.
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