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A Somewhat Crazy Notion...

I forgot to mention this in yesterday's über-post, but I remembered it again this morning with the remnant of a dream.

I mentioned this to Paul on the way back from our house viewings last Thursday. I am a firm believer that dreams can be a powerful medium of communication and reasoning; whilst a lot of my dreams are surreal, non-linear and epic adventures, I also go through phases of either not remembering them at all for months on end (generally I dislike this phase), repetitions of certain themes, or fandom-related snippets. I understand the latter type the easiest, obviously. As for the occasional repeated themes, most of the time I can't figure out what my subconscious is trying to tell me...

This time, however, I think it's quite obvious.

I keep dreaming about places where I grew up. I often dream about places I've been or places I've spent a lot of time in my life, like school or university or even work. They never actually resemble the places perfectly (in some cases they don't even have the same layout or features) but my brain understands that's where they're supposed to be. (I find the psychology of dreams in that sense really interesting...) Lately, however, I've been having dreams located in, for example, my old house in Bearwood, my grandmother's old house in Halesowen, the claypit by my dad's old house in Netherton - all places where I spent significant parts of my childhood. (I can't remember any of last night's dream now except that it involved the house in Halesowen, and a couple of nights ago its garden turned up as well.)

When we started house-hunting, we limited the search to Kings Heath / Moseley. When that was completely fruitless I started searching all of Birmingham in the vain hope of finding somewhere liveable in a decent area. It was at this point that I spotted a couple of houses for rent on Reginald Road in Bearwood, where I grew up, and it was this discovery which prompted us to start looking further afield to Oldbury, Bearwood, Quinton, etc. It transpired that the houses in Sandwell are actually cheaper than those in Birmingham, as well as being better value for money (generally bigger, nicer areas, better kitchens... :P)

At one point there was a house in our saved properties list on rightmove actually on Reginald Road (I subsequently deleted it as the bathroom had no bath...); currently there's one on Spies Lane, which is where my grandmother used to live (which I'll probably also delete as there are no internal photos). I haven't yet added any properties from Dudley or Netherton but that's only because I don't know the area that well.

It only occurred to me a few weeks ago that maybe, just maybe, my brain is telling me I need to go home. I am a Yammer born and bred, after all; I only ended up in Kings Heath by a stroke of luck. As much as I would like to stay there, an equal part of me wants to go back where I came from.

It sounds crazy, and it's probably a coincidence, but equally my subconscious knows better than my ego. It has helped me out of many a rut before now purely through its seemingly random thought-splurging, and I can't help but think this is very similar. Don't get me wrong; I have dreamt about the flat as well, but not for quite a while. The places-where-I-grew-up dreams have been coming thick and fast since house-hunting began properly.

I have a good feeling about the upcoming house viewing on Saturday, not just because the house itself looks well-presented, but just because it seems right.

Yes, I am probably mad. :P
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