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Glorious Word-Dump!

As wholly anticipated, the sharing of fic and rambling incessantly about Jonathan Creek over the bank holiday weekend has resulted in a fanfiction word-dump of epic proportions. Or, well, epic by my standards these days, anyway. ;) I normally have a writing flurry around February / March so it's a little late coming this year. :P

First of all, I decided to re-write a bit of the Angstfic (which needs a title), the story set after "The Three Gamblers" but before the Doomfic (which also needs a title). The episode tags are a precursor, the Angstfic is the bridge or prequel. Anyway, the first section (of sorts) of the Angstfic is essentially finished, aside from random tweaking every now and again, and I have the last section written down but need to rejig it considerably - as I've mentioned recently, my Suspension of Disbelief Module kicked in and told me in no uncertain terms that my ending was implausible. Which was annoying, but a necessary evil.

There's a bit of conversation in the Angstfic which initially I thought was okay, but have now decided to change it. It's a variation on a theme, essentially, but I didn't want to leave Maddy's demons unfaced before she went away. I shan't say more for fear of spoilers. ;) But in any case, I started re-writing that bit on Monday night and got interrupted by Paul coming home from the pub.

Yesterday, it was really quiet at work, and at around midday or thereabouts the inspiration struck for a key scene in the Doomfic. Or, actually, on Tuesday afternoon I threw together a chronology / timeline for the story because it spans 12 years and I had to get the dates fixed in my head somehow. I sent the chronology to Eni and she pointed out when a decade (in the "OMG TEN YEARS!" sense) fell in that timeline, which transpired to be the key scene in question. Over the course of yesterday afternoon, during the various lulls in the work, I sat and wrote nearly 2000 words of fic!

I know, I know. Back in the day (probably ten years ago, ironically), that would have been a piece of cake for me. I managed 100K words in eight months with "Cradle", the majority of which were actually written in about two. But these days? Not-quite-2000 words is one heck of an achievement, especially in one go! It was actually more around the 1750 mark, if I'm honest, but if that urgent hadn't come it I could have done another 250. :P

After our personal trainer session last night (we got to beat him up, which was fun), we had food at Wetherspoon's, Paul went to Alex's, and I worked on the story. I managed to do another 1000 words or so over the course of the night, with occasional interludes into an email tennis with Eni (obviously), and some of it is a bit rough and ready, but now I actually feel like the Doomfic has potential to happen. I love the idea of it as a concept, and the entire point is so there can be a big, dramatic, angsty Reunion Scene at the very end (after however many thousand words), but I'd almost reached the point of despairing of ever starting it in the first place.

Unfortunately I need to download and re-watch "The Grinning Man" as the fic basically happens in between that and "The Judas Tree", and the scene I did last night happens a couple of months after TGM, which I've only seen once when I was unwell and half-awake. So... yeah, there's a bit which is currently incredibly vague. :P

As if that wasn't enough, when I finally went to bed last night (around midnight), because the Muses wouldn't shut up, I continued re-writing the conversation from the Angstfic. And subsequently remembered why writing fanfic (especially angst) when falling asleep is a Bad Idea. I shall probably re-read it tonight and cringe, but half-awake angstfic is so glorious. Makes sense why reading reams of the stuff at three in the morning when at uni usually ended up with my making incoherent gargles of heart-broken despair, and leaving people feedback along the lines of "If I could spell the noise I just made, it would be review enough."

Annoyingly, despite not finishing scribbling til around 1.00am and then lying awake for a bit (damn you, changing weather), I was wide awake at 6.30 this morning - so awake that I panicked and thought I'd slept through my alarm. WTF, self?

In other fandomic news, I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides tonight at IMAX (60ft 3D piratical Johnny Depp, oh yeah baby). It's a shame Keira Knightley and Orlando Spoon Bloom aren't in it, as it sort of scuppers my preferred 'ship and I'm not really looking forward to Penelope Cruz's character as Jack's love interest, but apparently there's a lot of subtext to that relationship, in the latter part of the film, which reflects Jack/Liz, so... yeah. There's a post I have been waiting to read on sparrabeth about the subject, but I've been holding off until I've seen it and passed my own judgement.

On the plus side, Barbossa's still in it, and Ian Macshane as Black Beard should definitely be interesting - from the trailer it also looks like Keith Richards has made an apperance again as Jack's father, so let's hope he's better used this time. :D (His brief appearance in At World's End was rather overshadowed by the fandom's anticipation of his being there...)

Doubtless I shall review tomorrow, and with any luck the Pirates!Muses won't kill off my Jonathan!Muses in one fell swoop.
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