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Nothing Much to Report...

Our references from our respective employer(s) and landlord have now gone off so fingers crossed we'll have some good news this week about the house, and can start packing... Not a concept I am looking forward to but I won't make the same mistake as last time of filling a large moving box full of books and not being able to move it. :P

Our oven works again; a nice Italian man came out on Saturday eventually, after two deliveries of the wrong part to the shop, and fixed it in five minutes flat. It now heats up in about ten minutes, and I can COOK THINGS again, so hopefully we can stop eating junk food after the gym now. I had lots of good intentions but they were scuppered by exhaustion and a lack of oven. :P

Other than that, this weekend we didn't do very much. Went to Asda on Saturday to stock up and spent about £100, half of which was on booze (several bottles of wine, some beer, three bottles of cider, two bottles of vodka... they had a litre of Russian Standard for £16!!), I watched EastEnders (OMG David Essex!!) and then we went down to see Paul's mum to update on house-type things. We watched Staggered whilst there, a Martin Clunes film from the 90s. Quite amusing.

Sunday it was raining, so we stayed in and did nothing. Paul cooked a roast chicken dinner and we invited Lisa up and then all sat and watched The Kings Speech on demand, which was really good. Hard to explain why it was really good, but we all enjoyed it muchly. I might buy the DVD. :)

Also, I shall share with you my Relevant But Appalling Joke under the cut.

Bruce Forsyth has been awarded an MBE. The Queen is thought to have said, "Nice to sir you, to sir you, knight."

That's it. You may groan.

Gym tonight. I need to get back into the habit of going three times a week and learn to manage my time better. It'll be better for me when we can go on Tuesday nights when choir breaks up as we're currently going on Mondays and Wednesdays, which are both supposed to be my 'early' nights at work. I did gain loads of flex the other week, but not being at home three afternoons a week is making me disorganised (as is having to constantly wash gym clothing and towels, making everything else pile up).

But yeah. I need to get back on track and start eating properly again because currently I'm maintaining my weight instead of losing it (at the first four-week weigh-in I'd put on 1kg, in fact), and I have until September to get trim - before ruining it all by eating junk whilst on holiday, obviously. Although hopefully the moving of boxes in (hopefully) about six weeks will help, too. :P I started my food/calories diary again but the lack of having an oven meant I kept forgetting (and felt guilty about the amount of pizza, etc., we were getting through), so I need to get back on track with that, too.

Okay, that's about it. Hopefully I will post soon with good news about the house...

Edit, 13.30: Refences cleared and offer letters in the post!
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