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soooo tired.

well that was a fun night/morning/afternoon...

may the record hereby show that my body is not designed to be moved in 1950s rock'n'roll dance moves. in fact, it is not designed to be danced with when ill/drunk/hyper/all three, because, quite frankly, it dislikes dancing. i tried to tell you... nobody ever listens.

"akira", although watched at 3.00am under the influence of tiredness and drunkeness, is one heck of a weird film...

and... "the crow" is just one of those things that really can ONLY be watched at 4.00am. seriously. it all makes more sense.

and "grand theft auto" on PS2, when played badly, is officially a new genre of comedy.

and i'm really frelling tired...
Tags: adventures with alcohol, friends, reviews: films
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