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Some Work Stupidity

Well, it's been a while...

Actually there are two issues here. The first is that apparently because I took one day off as leave, my IKEN precedent-updating job has been re-delegated to my line manager, without my being informed. It now sort of feels like I sorted out the mess I was left with, put up the precedents that were required urgently because I had the free time to do it, and now my services are no longer required... Rather than requests for precedent amendments coming to me, they are going to my manager. I don't want to take this up directly with the Head of Service because it might be presumptuous, but I am going to mention it next week at my supervision.

Yesterday was annoying. Lisa (the fee earner) has a case involving the Court of Protection and all of her work yesterday was urgent, filling out the COP forms. The only versions of these she could give us were PDF documents, which you can fill in, but that's about it - you have to print them if you want a copy for your file. Which is all well and good, but if they need amending there's not much you can do about it except start again. IT refuse to give the WPO's Adobe Professional because of cost issues and the only person who has it is our Senior. Unfortunately we also get lots of Employment Tribunal forms from Correxions which are also in PDF format, and I'm renewing my efforts to get the software because otherwise we have to half-complete the typing and then get Senior to do the ET3 forms Correxions inevitably dictates on the end.

Anyway, after about five of the stupid PDF COP things and my explaining the issue to Lisa, I remembered that there must be some Word versions knocking around because when Adults were here we did occasionally fill them out from dictation. I therefore asked her to ring one of the Seniors in Adults at KEH to see if the Word versions could be forwarded.

Shortly thereafter I found them in the Socshare precedent bank, and told her not to bother. Obviously, they weren't on IKEN.

Rather than immediately jump to adding them, I emailed IT to ask if it was just that they were there and I couldn't see them due to not having the access level (as they would be KEH precedents). This is also dumb because we're supposed to be 100% pooled in typing at some point, and we can't access their files or precedents and vice versa. (I'd also sent an email to the WPO pool saying that the COP forms were on Socshare and giving simple instructions on how to get them into the IKEN history, which I can almost guarantee will have been ignored.)

IT responded a couple of hours later saying that yes, they weren't on there, and if they needed adding, "... I think [Senior] can do this?" I responded saying that actually, I can do that myself, thanks.

After the infinite frustration that was the COP form process to start with, that comment was just salt in the wound. It is not exactly confidence-inspiring that everyone appears to have conveniently forgotten that IKEN precedents are/were my department. I passed my PDR with flying colours mainly thanks to that objective. Maybe now it's done I'm supposed to step back to Just Typing again. I dunno. It hurts that my efforts are so easily forgotten, because whilst I expected as much from my equally-ranked colleagues, I thought my seniors were better than that.

Anyway, I went off on a tangent there. Now for today's idiocy, which still relates to the COP stuff. We had another urgent this morning from Lisa on the same case, which Chatty picked up.

The new Lotus Notes does this clever thing where, if you type in an unknown email address (i.e. it's not in the address book), it will remember it for future reference and automatically suggest it when you next type it in. Unfortunately Lisa thinks that because addresses she has typed appear in her Lotus Notes, they will automatically appear in everyone else's, so she'll say things like, "If you type in [name] it should appear" - and half the time it doesn't.

I have the sensibility to look in IKEN, find old emails and find the address that way. Everyone else does not. So today Lisa is sending an email to a person within BCC both on her Lotus Notes address (i.e. her name) and her home address. Let's call her, um, Jane Bob-Doe. Her home email address is j_doe@commonaddress.co.uk. Lisa helpfully says, "It's j-dot-doe and it should come up", which is not only wrong because it's supposed to be an underscore, but supremely unhelpful because I'm the only one who's bloody emailed the woman in the last 24 hours.

Chatty sits there in a state of confused despair for about ten minutes until I realise what's going on, find the address and let her know what it is. She could have found it in an old email in IKEN but it didn't even occur to her to look. Moany unhelpfully said that Jane Bob-Doe came up on Lotus for her and spelled the name out. I also had to repeat the address three times because the first time she'd put a dash rather than an underscore, and then she almost missed out the "co" bit. Just, seriously? I know she's not of the internet generation but surely she must have seen websites with "co.uk" on the end...

This, painfully, is why they don't like doing emails. Because they're too much hassle, apparently. Well, yes, they are if you don't LOOK FOR THE INFORMATION.

Also, we have more police tapes. I've done one (30 minutes in three hours), and Moany has been working on another since yesterday. Her idea of "verbatim" is to omit any and all punctuation (she's clearly missed the point of using verbal inflections and voice pauses as the basis for comma-insertion). I seriously want to punch her, especially considering the time she's saved by NOT thinking about punctuation has not necessarily made her any frelling quicker at the transcription. Also I object to her 'phonetic' spelling of "carn't". I don't know a single person who pronounces is as "kant", so her phonetic spelling is redundant.

I know it's petty. Thankfully Forgetful has been off this week so I've not had to contend with her moody-arsed attitude. The IKEN thing is seriously pissing me off, though. If anyone had actually said anything then perhaps it might be okay, but the sense of being forgotten about is disconcerting and worrying.

I wasn't really in the mood for the gym yesterday and was quite stroppy about silly things like not being able to find a pair of 2kg dumb-bells and the step for the step-ups being too high, but the good thing about weights machines is you can imagine, for example, that you're crushing someone's head between your legs. :P Subsequently I wanted comfort food for dinner so we went to the chippy and ruined all the effort. And this morning I felt a bit sick so that just made it an even worse decision.

To make matters worse, there was a spider on my desk earlier. Only a little one. I squashed it under a Pret napkin and scraped it into my bin, and then spent the next hour or so feeling paranoid, with over-sensitive and tingly skin. Stupid phobia. I'm getting better at dealing with the actual bugs, in retrospect (I didn't shriek or ask for help), but the after-effects are the same as ever. I'm guessing they're a delayed reaction...

I might get some lunch from the food festival today... Just wish BCC had put it on for longer than ten days, the skinflints...
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