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Quick Recipe

I did this last night on a whim with our roast pheasant dinner, alongisde my first attempt at Dauphinnoise potatoes - they turned out okay but I don't quite know how you're supposed to cook them alongside anything else because you have to turn the heat right down for the last hour... I ended up having it slightly too high (with the potatoes in the bottom of the oven) because the pheasant needed a hotter temperature.

Maybe if you have an Aga or something. :P (The top oven smokes too much to be used as an oven proper. In the end I had to leave the potatoes in there with it turned off just to keep them warm as they were starting to burn.)

Anyway. Here's the off-the-cuff side I did with it. I think this should be veggie-friendly if you can find vegetarian-friendly hard cheese... Posh Cheesy Asparagus and Beans


To serve 2:-

8x asparagus tips (or 4x whole asparagus spears, cut in half)
1x tin butter beans, drained
1x good handful grated hard cheese (mine was two-thirds parmesan, one-third pecorino romano)
Butter and olive oil, for frying


Melt about 1tbsp olive oil and a good knob of butter in a frying pan, add some salt and pepper, and let it heat for a bit. Add the asparagus and the butter beans to the pan and turn to coat in the oil/butter mixture.

Cover the pan with a lid, some foil, a plate, whatever you have to hand. Cook for about 15-20 minutes on a low to medium heat, stirring occasionally. The trick is to fry and steam the veg at the same time so they cook quicker, with the lid obviously keeping the moisture in. The butter beans should start to caramelise slightly.

Throw in the cheese and toss slightly to coat the beans and asparagus, until the cheese starts to melt. If you get some crunchy cheesey bits then all the better. Serve immediately.

On Saturday night we had a veritable cheese feast, thanks to visiting the International Food Festival after the gym that afternoon. We spent about £20 on cheese and £15 on hand-made chocolate, plus some very nice French bread. (Also got some duck and orange pate from Sainsbury's which is OMG amazing.) I went to the food fair specifically to get some more Gruyere, as the farm shop near Kings Heath sells it but it's not very good, and Capeling and Co very rarely have it in...

So we got some Gruyere from the French cheese stand, as well as some unpasteurised Pyrennian cheese and some Comté. And then some of the aforesaid Pecorino Romano from the Italian cheese stall, and some very expensive salami. The chocolate was also Italian (Bailey's, pistachio, mixed berry and orange flavours were our eventual choices) and is very rich so despite the price it'll probably last ages. Paul got himself some olives, and I had a kangaroo burger. :)

As ever, BCC failed to advertise said food fair until the very last minute - I spotted a poster about a week before and the marketing email came around at work the day before it opened, plus I'm sure it was on for longer than ten days last time. And of course they managed to time it perfectly to compete with the BBC Good Food Show. Seriously, is there not a big events diary somewhere that they could have checked? Stupid.

Nowt else to report except that I have to sign the letting agreement and sort out my passport tonight...
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