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So, this morning was fun. Not.

I shall demonstrate this annoyance by way of a timeline.

9.10am - I am in the process of saving documents and sending emails for Lisa because her laptop crashes whenever she tries to do so herself (because IKEN is poo), when Spellathon comes downstairs and announces that she's put in some urgent work and needs to take it to Court that morning. Presumably therefore she needs it for anywhere between 9.30 and 10.00am. At this point I am not signed into Winscribe and in any event, the job has not appeared in the list yet.

9.15am - having finally logged into Winscribe the job in question has appeared in the list. It is dated today (7th July) at 9.15am. This is presumably due to some lag on the system, which is hardly surprising given the dictation in question is 19 minutes long.

9.20am - I've picked up the urgent, lamenting that there's no way in hell she's going to get it to take to Court, and yeah, I'm fast, but I'm not that fast. 19 minutes of dictation is a lot; given her propensity to waste time by spelling everything and rambling inanely, it'll take probably longer than average, at least 45 minutes if not more. I've just opened the precedent to start typing when Spellathon comes back downstairs to hand me the blank version of the precedent so I know where the original numbering is (it's a draft order where we delete standard paragraphs and it automatically renumbers - or it does now I've fixed it anyway. :P) and says she needs it for 9.45. I explain that she'll be lucky, because it's 19 minutes long. She says a lot of it is deleting so it should be straightforward. I say that doesn't matter, it's still a lot of dictation - i.e. we still have to listen to it for those 19 minutes.

9.40am - I am about halfway through the dictation, ignoring listening to her reading out standard, unchanged paragraphs that she wants left in, and despairing of the fall-out in five minutes' time.

9.45am - she comes down to find me. At this point there's about five minutes of dictation still to go. "Oh, you're almost done," she says, and continues to hover in the room, for another five minutes until I finish it, coming back again three minutes later. I run it quickly through the spellcheck and then send it to the MFD in the photocopying room because our printer has a broken fuser and is spitting toner on everything.

10.00am - she's now standing by the (faulty) printer awaiting whatever other urgent work is coming out of it. So clearly I could have had another 15 minutes and she panicked me unnecessarily.

Also? She did the case summary on this same case two days ago, and has had ample time to dictate the bloody draft order, especially considering it's an idiot-proof precedent and SHOULD NOT have taken 19 minutes to dictate. I can pretty much guarantee at least five of those minutes were taken up with her re-spelling the names every.single.time and reading out the standard directions that she wanted left in.

I was halfway through drafting an email to Senior about this, because it's unacceptable to put 19 minutes of dictation in the system and expect it back half an hour later, but honestly? There's no point; she'll just do it again anyway in a few days' time.

Grr. I have since vented this at Sharn so feel a bit better. It doesn't help that I'm knackered from trying to juggle gym attending, cat-fostering until Saturday, and packing up the detritus of my life for the past five years (thus far I've done ornaments, Wii and DS games and our CD's - still everything else and furniture dismantling to go). I could do with the entire of next week off to get on top of it, but I have Thursday and Friday and the intervening weekend and evenings. Whoever stole the last month, kindly give it back!

With any luck Moany will stop talking enough to finish her police tape today and I can distract myself with the other one... :P She did eventually finish and I did mine in just over an hour, as it was only 10 minutes long and the interviewee basically said "no comment" as every answer. Ah well.

PS: Here's some lulz for you, in the alternative form of colleague stupidity. The above-mentioned faulty printer has a broken fuser cartridge, as I mentioned. Marie is visiting and asked what was wrong with it. Moany said it had a broken "fuselage"...
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