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This weekend was mostly spent being a massive geek. In the morning we had a bit of a tidy up - as best we could - as Lee from Connells was supposed to be coming to do a three-month check. Apparently it's a service they offer to landlords and is presumably to check we haven't wrecked the place or moved people in who aren't named on the lease or used it as a crack den / cannabis farm. :P He was due at 1.30 so we got up earlyish, had breakfast, did washing up and tidied the living room a bit. (Also on Friday night I emptied another box and put away my X-Files video boxsets; we're slowly getting there, but lately my house!productivity has taken a back burner to fic!productivity...)

As anticipated, Lee did not turn up. The woman who was dealing with our tenancy, Zara, was next to useless and has now left (read: been sacked) and Lee is now dealing with her caseload, so one presumes he has several other frustrated tenants apart from us. (He was also the agent who dealt with our initial query when we phoned up after viewing the house with Tom Giles & Co.) It's kind of annoying he didn't come, though, since we waited around another couple of hours just in case he was delayed, and had a few things to tell him about: the gutter at the back of the house is blocked and the light in the front bedroom / games room (heh) is broken. We tried to put a new lampshade up, having annoyingly discovered that my pretty chandelier-style shade which took me AGES to get from Argos is just slightly too high above the bulb to be put in our bedroom, and obviously a connection somewhere must be loose because now it won't work at all. I mean, both of these things are things we could probably fix ourselves, but still.

Also, we still haven't had our contract, inventory or written permission to decorate or screw things to the walls. Last week we got so fed up of waiting that we put the DVD's away anyway and merely wedged the units with cardboard, as they need to be screwed to the walls. Thankfully the floors are actually even and also wood-effect, so they're not too wobbly, but still. We wanted the obviously unpacked boxes to be self-evident that we needed written permission still to actually do things, and then the bastard didn't turn up.

Given the experience thus far, I don't know why we expected anything less...

Anyway, after that wasted morning and early afternoon, we decided to investigate downloading games onto the Wii. Paul bought 3000 points and we had a look, then realised we'd have to get old-style classic controllers in order to play them, so headed out at around 4.00pm into Birmingham. We managed to get the controllers in Computer Exchange ridiculously cheap - got a white 'modern' controller which I think can also be used in Wii platformers (£10), and an old-school replica SNES style controller for £30.

I should point out: this particular controller is very, very hard to find, and Paul has not yet found one on the internet for under £50 (initially they were only available to Nintendo Platinum customers for about 7000 points, before being rolled out to Europe, etc). CEX notoriously sell robbed stuff , but in this case I'm not complaining... ;) BARGAIN. Subsequently we're torn between selling it and keeping it, but I think the latter is more appealing just so we can invite people to play SNES games with an actual SNES controller, but on the Wii. ;)

Anyway, we got back and immediately downloaded a version of Street Fight II, F-Zero and - on Sunday - Super Mario World, all originally on the SNES. OMG so awesome. I just need to get SimCity and my geeky nostalgia trip will be complete.

I didn't actually have a SNES as a kid, but my uncle did and I spent many happy hours watching him playing Mario, and thoroughly enjoyed F-Zero myself. I was rubbish at SimCity but enjoyed it anyway. IMHO the SNES version was always the best. :D

Er, apart from that, Sunday was spent catching up on my weekly television (Glee, EastEnders and Educating Essex, which makes me feel slightly less homicidally angry about the education system...) and attempting to finish the bloody POTO fic, though the last chapter is refusing to cooperate now and the epilogue is trundling slowly along. commoncomitatus has kindly obliged me a style/form beta despite knowing nothing about the fandom, though I did send her a ridiculously long email on Friday explaining the characters and plot. :P With any luck I can get it posted by the end of this month. I have a couple of days off next week so we'll see what happens. Unfortunately I keep getting distracted by reading stuff on FFN and the actual writing is taking a back-burner to general fandom joy. I even started re-reading Kay last night properly, and had - of course - forgotten how bloody addictive it is...

On a final note, I will re-post these details here in case anyone missed them on Facebook:-

30th Birthday Drinks

Saturday, 15th October at 7.00pm at the Kings Head Pub in Bearwood (formerly the Quantum), which is on the corner of Hagley Road and Lordswood Road. If coming by bus you can get the 9, 126 or 140 from Colmore Row (they go from the same stop), all of which stop opposite Bearwood Bus Station (on Hagley Road). Alternatively, if you live on the route, the 11 goes past it. The 11C stops right outside or the 11A on the other side of the road, both on Lordswood Road. It's a pretty massive pub so you shouldn't be able to miss it. :P

If Bearwood is too far away for people then I'm also having post-work drinks at about 4.30ish on the Friday, starting at Colmore Bar & Grill, which is near Pij and part of the new(ish) Premier Inn. Currently there's only two or three definite attendees from my work lot, plus myself and Paul, because... yeah, I'm so popular. :P Caryn is one of the definites and will be slightly late as it's her birthday a day before mine so she's going for a massage (fair enough!) but she assures me people will congregate on the afternoon... clearly she has more confidence in them than me. The other two are Gaynor and Marvin. Hopefully other people will come. :|

Also the time on Friday may be subject to change as inevitably, last minute stuff will crop up... As to Saturday, I'm having a family meal beforehand at 5.00pm and hopefully we'll be done in two hours, but if you arrive and can't see us just send me a text to say you're there and I'll find you afterwards. It's a very nice pub and also very big so hopefully space won't be an issue...

I think that's everything. Work has been annoying as ever, but nothing so horrendous that I've felt the need to blog about it... Tonight I need to unpack some more stuff before I waste my evening on fandom stuff. Oh, adulthood, you great bore...
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