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Birthday Write-Up

So, this morning there was a present and card on my desk (I haven't opened it yet, though), which makes up for the lack of anything on Friday... possibly I may have over-reacted a little, though I still feel a little justified about feeling upset at the time. :P

I did go ahead with drinks in the end, and the turn-out was better than expected... Paul and I went to Colmore's first with Gaynor, and we were shortly joined by Kemi, though she only stayed for one drink as she had to be elsewhere. Caryn didn't make it (though she was hit-and-miss to start with), and we were then joined by Ian and Sarbjit (who I didn't know were coming), then Marvin, who brought Kalpesh and Sharde with him. And then Derek turned up.

We (well, most of us) had Prosecco in Colmore's until about half-seven before migrating to Island Bar to catch their cheap cocktails before eight. I think we had three in there and then moved on to the Victoria, by which point it was only Paul, myself, Marvin and Derek. Paul and I had one in there before going home, leaving Derek and Marvin to apparently get themselves kicked out. Er, yes.

On Saturday morning I cleaned the bathroom, and then went out to collect Eni from the station. We went back via Tesco and I showed her around the house, then we spent the early afternoon playing Street Fighter II on the SNES before getting ready and heading out to the Kings Head. We picked my mum up in the taxi on the way.

Everyone was seated for the meal by about 5.30 (Jade and Louis got stuck on the motorway so were a bit late; we tried to convince her to pay the deposit and that we’d lost the table :P) and Paul and I bought some wine for the table (£100 for six bottles, which isn’t bad). Everyone very much enjoyed the food and it came to a very reasonable £15 per head (for 13 people!) because of the mains all being two-for-one.

My mum had bought birthday balloons and a wonderful Phantom of the Opera cake – pictures will be on Facebook soon, but I’ve kept the mask and rose from the top. We had that for dessert, though there’s still loads left and I’ve had to bring some in to work to finish it off.

Several people turned up for the evening drinks, even though most of the family left (Helen and Lisa both stayed, as did my mum and Eni, obviously). Lloyd, Denise and Ben were already there when we finished eating, shortly followed over the course of the evening by Alex and Dina, David, and finally Derek. To be honest, the drinks part of the evening is a bit a blur because I was drinking from 4.30 onwards… I do know that Paul had to be carried into the taxi by Lloyd at the end of the night, and that we were arguing with him outside our front door because he wouldn’t give me his keys… We provided some free entertainment to the people at the bus stop, at least. :P

Sunday was hangover central. OW. Thanks to not feeling particularly well I didn’t manage to eat any breakfast (we were planning on doing Eggs Benedict but I decided that was far too rich, and the smell of bacon makes me feel ill when I have a hangover, so Paul did proper cooked breakfasts for himself and Eni and I had half a bowl of cereal.) My mum popped over with the cake and presents (I didn’t think I’d get them home intact) and then we went to the allotment because Eni wanted to see the chickens. Fresh air did help a bit, as did the bag of Dorito’s I ate on getting home.

Presents-wise it was the usual fare of DVDs, CDs, jewellery and the like, plus some silly things as well. Can’t remember everything off the top of my head now…

By the afternoon the hangover had turned into a migraine, which wasn’t helped by my not having eaten properly all day. Paul and I took Eni back into town on the bus and it was actually a struggle not to throw up (thanks to movement of the bus). Having dropped her at the station we went to the Shakespeare because for some ungodly reason Paul wanted a beer, and once I had a bit of something in my stomach, even if it was only a J2O, I felt a bit better. The original plan was to go to Wagamama, but we decided the lights and noise in there would only make the migraine worse, and instead went to Café Rouge. Once I had actual food I felt much better, though I did then spend Monday feeling horribly full and bloated.

Monday and Tuesday were both spent quite lazily, though on the former I did have to go out in the rain to get my prescription sorted out. The local pharmacy is very efficient, so that’s good. Yesterday I didn’t go to choir (meh) because I couldn’t be arsed to traipse into town, but we did at least get to have our Eggs Benedict in the morning. Hollandaise sauce is much easier to make on a gas hob, though the breakfast in question is still impossible to make on your own unless you have five hands. :P

So, that was that. Paul kept assuring me that Sunday was in fact just a hangover and the rest of my 30s wouldn’t feel like death. :P

In other news, nobody has reviewed “Whisper” yet. :( I suspect anyone who still remembers me from my earlier days in the fandom has now moved on or disappeared, unless by some miracle my reputation precedes me with anyone else… I shan’t be posting the next chapter until I’m sure it’s being read, though, so anyone lurking needs to bloody well tell me so if they want to read any more. :P

Reviews are both a curse and a blessing when it comes to writing fanfic, and somehow I always forget in the excitement of actually getting something to a shareable stage. Ah well. We’ll see.
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