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Layout change...

I have reverted to my old Christine layout (based on the Heindel painting, "The End of Innocence") just because I'm still vaguely in Phantom mode despite FFN and its inherent fail...

It has been so long since I used this layout that (a) the picture had vanished from my hard-drive because I made it three PC's ago (I had to fetch it from my Photobucket account); and (b) it was still set up for my old 15" monitor.

I was supposed to be out for joint birthday work drinks this afternoon but as a migraine has been brewing all day and cocodamol succeeded only in monging me out for half an hour (thankfully work has been ridiculously quiet lately), I decided not to bother.

Tonight's task: find an interesting pumpkin design for carving tomorrow.

Over and out.
Tags: fandom: phantom of the opera, icons & layouts
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