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Ah, frell it...

It's been a month since I posted the first chapter of "Whisper", and still no reviews. I've spent that long debating whether or not to remove the story in its entirety, but for the sake of completeness, I've posted the second chapter this evening. The stats seem to indicate that people are reading it, even if they're not giving feedback, so for the sake of anyone who might actually be interested, I figured it couldn't hurt to post the entire thing eventually. The second chapter is longer and (hopefully) more interesting, so we'll see what happens.

In other, work-related news, Chatty is actually retiring finally. She's been on long-term sick due to having a cataract operation and it was announced last week apparently that's she's made the decision to retire. I can pretty much guarantee that this will not have any detrimental effect on our workload, given that (a) we're horrendously quiet again lately, and (b) she never did any bloody work anyway. :P

Actually, work hasn't been too bad this week. Moany is on leave, and Hometime has been mostly scanning (as has Preggo), which just leaves me, Noor and Forgetful. We've had a few police tapes to do - Forgetful has already forgotten the email I sent before I went off sick about the fact there's a precedent to use now - and there may be more in the pipeline, which is something at least, and presently isn't holding up any of the other typing because there is no other typing.

The only issue presently is that Demoted is causing trouble. First of all, when she first started back as a WPO - after being a secretary for about two years - she didn't want to do any of the work in Winscribe, opting instead to do all of Trish's tapes (whom she used to secretary for) in the interim period of her being secretary-less. For the first month, she was sitting opposite me at Natasha's desk, except as of November, Natasha has returned from her career break so Demoted has had to move upstairs to a spare desk on the third floor. As a result of that, she's now refusing to do tapes. Her initial reason for this was that she "didn't know" what was in the tray - which is bullshit, because we book all the tapes in via Winscribe now and the details are in the list - and then when she realised that was a stupid excuse, she said she didn't want to go up and down the stairs. Because it's not like me and Noor had to do that all the time when we moved to the second floor or anything. Diddums.

She then refused to do police tapes because (a) she had no spare plug sockets, and (b) the machine was too heavy to cart upstairs. The best thing? She told all of this to Noor as if that would solve things, and Noor just told Senior, whose response was, "I know. Don't worry, she'll do the police tapes". Demoted has done one tape, the second part of an interview that I'd started (presumably because when I sent the email round saying the PACE machine was free, I mentioned the interviewee was clear/audible). Standard practice for transcribing police tapes is that each tape should be a new document, even if it's a continuation. Fair enough if she didn't know this, but personally, I think common sense should indicate that anyway - or, if in doubt, ask. She's done the second transcription on the end of my document, thus resulting in a difference in style and formatting which makes me twitch.

Oh, and since Chatty has left (as of the end of the month), her desk is now obviously free, so the plan was for Demoted to move back downstairs. She doesn't want to sit there, obviously. I don't know why as she apparently gets on with Moany and Hometime (who sit on that bank of desks), but it's also several metres closer to Forgetful, whom she doesn't like. Now, fair enough; I don't particularly get on with Forgetful either, but if I had to sit next to her I'd just grin and bear it and get on with it. Demoted cannot seem to grasp the concept of the office not being a place to socialise and make friends, or that making friends is a bonus, not an assumption.

Meh. I kind of anticipated there would be 'teething problems' once she returned to being a WPO, but frankly, being stubborn and childish about matters is not exactly going to make the transition any easier. If she doesn't want to be a WPO any more, there are plenty of bloody legal secretary jobs out there - I should know, it's all the search engines keep giving me!

On a final note, I have just tried to do my first "remote record" from the internet to the Sky+ box, because I'm too lazy to go downstairs. :P
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