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There is literally nothing to do today. There's barely anyone in from South Team and no typing coming from anywhere else either.

I am semi-seriously job hunting lately, though unable to do so at work because our internet is failing to load 90% of pages these days (we're still stuck with IE6, for God's sake). Unfortunately, thanks to the current financial climate, nobody can afford to hire actual in-office typists, and all I can find are questionable "type-at-home" jobs and temping jobs. There is one I keep seeing with Randstad but they can't seem to decide if they want a typist, secretary or PA, as the job description seems to tally with the latter. It doesn't specify if it's a progressive post either, and in any event it's in London, which is not that practicable. I would probably not commute every day and don't particularly want to live there - I think I'd be sick of it after a month, despite Paul's assurances that he'd find a job there, too. For God's sake, we had enough trouble finding somewhere affordable to live in bloody Birmingham. :P

The trouble is, I've been typing for so long I've forgotten if I even have any other transferrable skills... or even how to prove it if I do. I'm just getting tired of BCC now, tired of the petty stupidity and bureaucracy. Working for the council for over six years has made me cynical and angry all the time and when there's barely any work to do any more it's not like there's even any job satisfaction. I'd love to do transcription work but there are no jobs in that sector anywhere other than home transcription jobs, and I wouldn't want to take on something like that because there's no guarantee of security or regular income. It's the kind of thing I'd do when our debts are paid off and we have children or whatever, not something I'd drop my mostly-secure job to undertake. (Because yeah, not even public sector workers are safe now, cheers Dave.)

Actually, the main thing which pisses me off about having worked for BCC is that most job descriptions require knowledge of Outlook - and obviously, we use Lotus Notes, which I am very proficient in but which is just different enough from Outlook to make blagging my way through it difficult. I haven't actually used Outlook since first getting internet access back in the late 90s, and even then never for diary management. So yeah, thanks for that useless bit of experience, BCC, now hurry up and drag your arses into the 21st century. We are meant to be having a roll-out of Windows 7 and Outlook at some point (including Office 2010 which I am violently opposed to, as it's so idiot proof as to be completely unusable - I couldn't even find the print function in Word the last time I used it, FFS), but even when that does finally occur, Legal are going to be last in line because of IKEN functionality. In fact, we should have had the upgrade before IKEN implementation, because it hates Lotus Notes - as do all other case management systems in the universe, as they're all designed to work with Outlook.

Ho hum. I suppose I just keep trying, and maybe something miraculous will drop into my lap. A lottery win would do. :P

Oh, I'll do a health update whilst I'm here. It turns out I wasn't off with gastro-enteritis, but yer actual food poisoning - campyllobactyl or something like that. I had a letter off Sandwell Environmental Health over the weekend. I didn't actually ascertain how I would get my test results as the surgery didn't advise me, and I meant to go in to find out - so now I don't have to. Seeing as the chippy around the corner - where I had the somewhat dodgy chicken kebab that caused the said food poisoning - is normally really good, I'll let it slide as a one-off. I think the fact that I was already exhausted and run down probably made things worse than they should have been.

Now I just have to contend with the fact that my arse still hurts from when I fell. I'll give it a few more days and then probably go to the GP in case my tailbone is broken. I don't think there's anything they can do about it except give me a special cushion but sitting down all day at work is becoming quite painful. :( Especially when there's nothing to do and no chance to get out of my bloody chair...

Anyway, it's now lunchtime. Over and out.
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