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Vaguely Productive Weekend

I emailed an entry home on Friday that I didn't have time to post, then forgot about it entirely. Most of it was ranting about work in a vaguely incoherent fashion (one IKEN annoyance which I got blamed for in a roundabout way, and Spellathon driving me to despair in her usual way), so I won't bother now.

Instead, on Friday night I spent the evening making CD's. Last year I accidentally sent Katie's Christmas presents to the wrong address, having forgotten to update my address book, and I also forgot to send her birthday present as I was in the process of house-hunting, so I've been re-doing and re-purchasing all the stuff that didn't get to her last year. Thus far I've re-copied the two CD's, plus a new one, re-bought the book from Amazon (I initially got it from the Works so obviously will never find it there again), and dug out the birthday present. Now I have to do another CD tonight, as well as finding the other Christmas present from last year if they still have it at Evolution, and get stuff for this year. Thankfully I managed to get the book from Amazon for under a quid, as postage on the massive package will probably be extortionate.

I am trying to be organised for Christmas again this year so we'll see how far I get. I normally run out of energy by the 10th. :P

Thus far the diary looks like this:-

2nd December - Drew's play;
3rd/4th December - put up tree and decorations
6th December - uncle's birthday
7th December - official 'shopping day'
9th December - Messiah at Symphony Hall
13th December - Messiah at Town Hall
18th December - Christmas concert (note to self: organise tickets)

So, looking full already. At least I don't have to work Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve this year. I'm going in for the three days between Christmas and New Year and then have the first week of January off, so hopefully that'll be ample rest time. :P

Paul was down in Leicester on Friday for his mate Charles's birthday, staying over as they were going to do archery on the Saturday. I spent Saturday attempting to tidy up the spare room a bit, as it had become a dumping ground. I managed to empy one box and decant stuff into other boxes and pile things up a bit better, as well as removing all the board games from the bin liners and piling them up neatly. There is now more floor space and it looks a lot tidier. (I spent Sunday with a bad shoulder and back as a result, though.)

We went to DFS last Monday to buy a sofa; Paul's mum gave us some money towards it and that covered almost half the cost of the sofa, armchair and footstool. We went for the Fusion range (I can't do a link because work's internet is poo) in black and red - the three seater sofa, patterned armchair and patterned storage footstool (which will house my embroidery stuffs). Once we get that delivered we need to dismantle the daybed and re-assemble it upstairs in the spare room, following which we can put stuff under / on top of it and start sorting out stuff to go into storage. And then eventually the daybed will become an actual bed again and the spare room will be, well, a spare room / games room.

I don't know where the rocking chair's going to go yet, either, but I'll figure that out later... My plan is to put that upstairs too and use it as a reading chair, as all the books are in the office, and there will also be a console of some description, too - either an X-Box or PS3 or both as and when we get them - and a small table. There is only room to store two dining chairs in the kitchen so the other two will have to live upstairs, so we might as well put a little games table up there. PLANS: I HAZ THEM.

Paul came back around 4.00pm on Saturday, by which point I was already aching - as was he from the archery - so we didn't do very much.

Sunday is my TV Catch-Up Day, as I don't tend to actually watch much TV in the week. We have almost everything on Sky+ these days - EastEnders, Glee, QI, Life's Too Short</i> (the Johnny Depp episode was seriously the weirdest thing I've seen ever, and for some reason him flipping over the fruitbowl in Ricky's office was the funniest part of the entire episode), American Horror Story and several others - which is quite helpful as it means I can watch things when I'm actually not too tired to appreciate them. ;)

So yesterday I finally got around to watching the final instalment of the latest series of The Choir and - predictably - I spent about a third of it crying. My dream job would be assisting Gareth Malone in his musical mission, but I fear I would spend the majority of my working day sobbing and wailing incoherently. :P I think what he does is absolutely amazing. Apparently he's revisiting one of his earlier choirs tonight so I need to record that... Seeing as Glee hasn't made me cry yet this series (there's still time, though), I needed to get my emotion-purging TV viewing somewhere.

I think actually my favourite bit - apart from the finale at the Albert Hall and Sam's amazing solo (what I could ascertain through the blurred vision, at least :P) - was Gareth's observation of the "universal sign of choir failure", when you throw the music down in frustration and look at the choir master like he's gone nuts. Heh. Yes, I've been there many times.

Oh, except unfortunately thanks to Gareth and his military wives, I ended up crying at EastEnders, too - though to be fair, it normally gets me about three times a year. ;)

Of the evening I made us a seafood risotto (prawns, some proper scallops we bought ages ago, plus mushrooms and chopped pancetta), which is the first I've made on the gas hob. It took about half the time as usual, so I suppose that's something. :P We then watched Serenity, having finished Firefly last weekend. Definitely worth re-watching the entire series at some point because I didn't really get properly into it until the second disc. It's a relief to know where all those quotes that people use all the time come from. "No power in the 'verse can stop me!" and "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" spring to mind...


Alas I was accidentally spoiled for Wash's death, and spent much of the latter half of the series fearing for him whenever he left the ship (OHAI irony). When it didn't happen in the TV series I thought maybe I'd been mistaken, but then obviously it happens in the film almost before you even realise what's happened. I think that scene would have been more effective if I hadn't been spoiled. Ah well. I still quite enjoyed it.

Also, I think perhaps the greatest loss of there only being one series and a movie is that there were a lot of potentially interesting 'ships which didn't have time to develop. I would have liked to have seen more Inara/Kaylee (which was the first one I spotted), Jayne/River or even Inara/Mal. I ended up enjoying Simon/Kaylee because it was there, really, but there was a lot of potential for some surprises. :)


Now we can watch season 3 of Six Feet Under. After that we need to re-watch Twin Peaks season 1 as I now have season 2 in my possession, as well as both seasons of Carnivale (we never finished season 2), American Gothic, Ugly Betty, Fringe... too much TV, so little time. :D We normally find with Six Feet Under that it's horrendously addictive and we can get through it quickly, though, so that's something. Plus the plan of alternating shows between seasons is good for not getting bored of it. :P

Okay, I think that's long enough. I will post a photo of our new sofa when it's in situ. Actually I need to post photos of the house and garden in general, though the latter is now a bit of a mess thanks to fireworks the other week, and I need to get weedkiller down on the patio and driveway. So actually, photos will probably come in the spring. :P

Over and out.
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